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  1. Dadson worldwide

    Yeah order shots and just watch the show of his art.

  2. Sayan guria

    I watched people using expensive cars, wearing branded clothes, live luxurious life in big manson but neve cared about those. But this video make me regret for being poor😭😭😭 I wanna try

  3. davey Konijnenberg

    Hè should start a bar and after that a bar franchise International or take part at a bartender contest

  4. William Limarjo

    Does it part of communist propaganda too?

  5. Priska Wen

    So many hidden talent in china😍

  6. egg

    What if knew the recipe and start a business lol

  7. Kasim Selamat


  8. Parm Mohan

    How do you find the rest of his videos?

  9. 子房

    Chinese creativity’s

  10. Peter Cua

    Awesome, wonder it's taste the same.

  11. Emelia Onichi


  12. Alex ander

    meanwhile people in HK ….

    i want freedom!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Fii Piya

    Woww imagine doing that art for every customer

  14. BoA Yoon

    He should go into fish tank business

  15. Victoria Lana

    Can these drinks be served by a waitress? Or would it get ruined?

  16. satria amiluhur

    Which would make you feel bad by drinking them

  17. Old School

    I need a drink

  18. KM Leong

    He's practically making art, not cocktails

  19. Running Debate

    As you wait 5hrs before getting your drink.

  20. beryl thienhaus

    Nice one…

  21. crankylifter

    I've been coming on here same time every day for the past few weeks. This is the first time during that period SCMP hasn't posted something about the protests; electing instead to post some softball video like this. Meanwhile, riot police are trying to "contain" the protesters at the airport, and military vehicles have been seen mobilizing in Shenzhen. If you think SCMP isn't, in part, being controlled by the central government, think again. Things are about to be taken to the next level in Hong Kong in the next 24.

  22. Sean

    His voice is so manly like a triad boss

  23. LighteN Ing


  24. Xem blue

    Makes me want to get a drink 🥃 and I don’t drink 🍹. Very unique !!!!

  25. andersonnick038

    I'd totally order one of those

  26. Shri Ram

    This is modern witchcraft…

  27. AKArainkit

    I'm wondering how it tastes

  28. Molly Malone

    Those are amazing

  29. mikalyne chikomo

    Rosemary, cream, liqour… Yum

  30. CYS -


  31. Doikel


  32. Ian

    Question is… Does it taste like Sheeet???

  33. Bernhard Prziwara

    What sort of drink has glitter like that in 2:30?

  34. mary


  35. GUTOM


  36. MoShaRAR

    1 Word: WOW

  37. Gringo Sinting

    why no mention of his bar's name or his city for that matter?

  38. unicrystal_mythical game


  39. Sasha XD

    I think bartender Yang works at the same place, she’s also very creative with cocktails online

  40. Yellow Bhee

    What lacking is American ingenuity

  41. Juan Coelho

    Amazing 😍

  42. Jam Lee


  43. potatomato :p

    I would pay just to look at it all night. Rip money

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