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  1. Nana Smith Real Estate

    I just purchased season 1 for download and
    before I managed to download files, download folder froze. It is not great system
    to sell downloads. You even did ask me for my emails address. Any advice to access
    what I bought. How you even can track me down? No email, no name, how it can be
    found that I bough it?

  2. teddy2979 H

    Where can I purchase this program?

  3. oliver kenny

    It rubs the Qui on its skin or else it gets the hose again

  4. Sandals Heal

    is this DaoYin or Tai Chi? part of my Tai Chi set is allot like the movement above even the cross hands part is the same .but the beginning warm up part isn't in part of my set. ? it doesn't actually matter I am just Curious about it if it is actually Dao Yin or Tai Chi

  5. g0blinL0rd Oh Lord

    nice mullet.

  6. Mike Shallow

    This is an incredible set of exercises very well taught by Michael Issa!

  7. Nicole Beaulieu

    thank you. Great exercises wonderfully taught.. Body feels hot. At 67 I'm sure this will help with my oseteoarthritis, asthma and lymphatic system in general!

  8. Yaneth Roblero

    That's my sensai

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