Basic steps for making embroidery

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Embroidery can be one of the most interesting hobbies you can learn. You can learn a lot of stitching so you can embroider. Some of them are satin stitches and blanket stitches. The materials you need to embroider are needles, scissors and embroidery threads. Blanket stitches for embroidery are often used to create a border with the fabric. This can usually be found in a baby blanket. On the other hand, satin stitches for embroidery are characterized by parallel lines. You will see no gaps between each line. Very soft when touching the surface.

A. Blanket embroidery

1. The first step in how to use blanket stitching is to put the thread into the needle and knot it.

2. The second step on how to embroider is to start the initial stitching. Pass the needle through the cloth from behind and pull it out.

3. The third step in how to use blanket stitching is to complete the initial stitching. You should start from the left to the right, insert the needle into the top of the quarter of the fabric and cross it. Then place it again on the edge of the cloth below the edge of the fabric.

4. The fourth step on how to use blanket stitching is to pull the thread and make sure it passes through the back of the fabric.

5. The fifth step in the use of blanket stitching is to pull the needle out again and repeat the fourth step until the work is done.

B. satin embroidery

1. The first step in how to use satin stitching is to use a color for your thread. You should also use a pad to add fabric.

2. The second step in how to use satin stitching for embroidery is to use the running stitch multiple times in a specific area.

3. The third step in using satin stitching is to bring the needle to the edge of the contour you are making. For example, if you are making a leaf; you should take the needle to the other side and do more stitches until you finish at the beginning of your position. Make sure the lines are all parallel. You should also not see spaces. The line separating each line should be prominent.

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