Batla House: O SAKI SAKI Video | Nora Fatehi, Tanishk B, Neha K, Tulsi K, B Praak, Vishal-Shekhar

From the film Batla House starred in this season's most popular national anthem "O SAKI SAKI", Nora Fatehi performed very hot. The song is…

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  1. Saruk Khan

    Interment song

  2. Vishal Shrivastav

    Everything was looking good. But when u realize that lips sync is not even 1% accurate. Damn! got 😤😡

  3. Nolan Jr k

    What is the name of the male actor with the gun? I know he is Indian?

  4. rana homi


  5. Kami Butt

    Nora hot tare ko chodna hai Nora fuck u hard

  6. Sarita Dogra

    Her dance is out of this world. She knows how to Express in every way to the viewer. And she doesnt even give us the time to blink! Hats off Nora!

  7. BoutiqueRedaCom

    Morocco and Inden 😍😍 Nora 😭💃💃💃💃💃

  8. Abel Dane


  9. Hunter

    Starting Beat 🔥

  10. RJ Styles

    superb dance

  11. Fadoua Kasimi

    زوين ؤغني⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

  12. Monster

    B praak voice is so nyc

  13. Avinash Mukhi

    ,, nice song

  14. hasrat rajpu

    Kon kon is gane ko bar-bar sun Raha Hai August me 2019 ???
    Thoko Like 👍👍👍
    Music = Like 😂😂 T-SHIRT Full

  15. Amit Varma

    Neha kakar always best…. 👍👍👍👌👌👌❤❤❤

  16. moosa fakhir

    99k dislike wat d hell 🤔

  17. Khan Sarfaraz

    Old song best Sanjay dutt kenif style

  18. Wesley Goldsmith

    Maaaaaan fuck t-series

  19. Srikanth Gavhane official

    X l e n t song
    O Saki saki best song of the year
    Neha kakkar my favorite singer
    L love this song
    Neha kakkar fan's like here

  20. Roshan alam

    happy Independence Day
    My dears friends

  21. Hashmath Hashmath

    Day by day neha's voice is becoming irritating jyotica tangri is best replacement for her voice

  22. MRK tiktok team 07

    Nice song
    #MRKtiktokteam 07

  23. PritAm ChAwlA

    Why the fuck Neha Kakkar always destroys epic songs. She doesn't even knows how to sing. And she is continuing on her path of deatroying legendary songs

  24. Sakin Ahmed

    For god sake stop ruining good songs.please watch the original song and compare.this is absolute garbage.(own opinion)

  25. aliya shaikh


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