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  1. dundunsar

    Do not make any deal with any US president in his first term.

    Trump is personally producing the best reality show to an international audience. You're fired!

  2. abhijit bhambure

    China is THUG.

  3. XJLCA

    Trump is so selfish, greedy and evil!

  4. Pub Comrad

    No deal with cheating and stealing China.

  5. Chinese Nationalist

    His "Chinese American" friend is probably (100%) Gordon Chang.

  6. Donald Kasper

    "Jimmy Wu
    Will last for months? Come on, Try 10 years!" Doesn't matter how long China can wait it out. Trump in months will invoke the 1977 enemies trade act and stop trade. What China does for 10 years after that with no US trade is up to them.

  7. Changyu Wei

    I am getting addicted to it.

  8. Alexander J.

    China isn't changing nothing until their economy takes a massive hit amd trump isn't strong enough to do that, he isnt serious about tariffs so this is a hoax. Trump has made USA the middle man in it's own destruction. No other candidate is any better, same silly cycles and not one person who actually worked for the swamp government has been arrested or charged, shit trump doesnt even say anything about Clinton ever and she did all this to him?! The 2 officers guarding Epstein forged official reports and documents, lied and allowed a person to die and not one person was charged or fired????!!!!! America is gone, save what you can, milk her dry, Columbia the Great is laid bare, pick her bones before these foreigners get it all and then move out of USA. Adios

  9. David Leija

    Wonder how many chinese trolls are on here. Lol will anyways. We the American people couldn’t care. China needs to Understand that it’s not about competition it’s about the theft. Trump and the American people will most Americans don’t want a deal with China. Just like China is looking for other people to sale stuff too . companies better start looking to move out of China soon. They had a couple of years to look and if they go down oh dam well. That’s their problem. Mexico , Canada and the United States and other Asian countries are better than having a communist country and s bunch of thieves continuing to hack and steal from our companies. I’m talking about the people of China not the hackers they employ.

  10. Michael Huang

    Donald Trump: trade war is easy to win…

    look at China side:

    Welcome to episode 399, which is analyzed by keynote speaker lai yueqian for the audience: "China USES sun tzu's art of war to mess up trump! Is the us-china trade war a sure thing?"

    It has been more than a year since the start of the trade war between China and the United States, and U.S. President Donald trump has reversed his position, making it more difficult for the two sides to negotiate. At present, we have observed that China has begun to adopt the wisdom of ancient people, which is what sun zi's book of war mentioned in the beginning. It is said that "taking things at random", "scratching them with anger" and "taking them by surprise when they are unprepared". How exactly does China apply this strategy in real life?

    In fact, the us-china trade war is like the second opium war, but China has learned the lessons of history and will not repeat them. In economic terms, the U.S. economy is $20 trillion, while China's is $14 trillion. Measured in terms of prices, China's purchasing-power parity (about 3.5 times higher than America's) is more than twice as high when multiplied by 3.5 trillion.

    China, on the other hand, has a population of 1.4 billion and the United States of 300 million. In addition, China has an industrial system that produces almost everything; In the United States, it takes many contract manufacturers to make all kinds of products. By contrast, America's main advantage is probably its international currency, the dollar.

    Yet even as the United States has repeatedly increased trade tariffs on China, China has been reluctant to give in. On the contrary, China's devaluation of the RMB, and tariffs offset each other, so that less than half of the impact, to trump's anger! It is clear that not only has the U.S. economy been on a downward trajectory, but it has been on the verge of falling below 2 percent. Donald trump is riding a tiger in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

    We speculate that if this trade war ends up hurting both sides, it will be difficult for the world to gain from it. For example, Japan and Germany, which rank third and fourth in GDP, will not displace China and the United States. If China continues to adopt sun tzu's strategy of "not winning, but not losing", it will become the largest economy in terms of GDP.

    The so-called "chaos and take", "anger and scratch", is to tease the enemy, let the other side of the chaos, it is easy to make mistakes; The battle can be won by taking angry people by surprise and taking them by surprise. In fact, trump, the leader of a major power, has threatened to pull all American businesses out of China, which shows that the United States has played its CARDS on the table.

  11. M Masseh S

    Keep in mind Chinese companies are alowed to buy American companies but Americans cannot buy Chinese companies

  12. 漢仔

    Say something new. You accept the money as guest and should say something that is not repeated by others. For eg," My friends think the Americans are very stupid and short- sighted…. something like this." That will become the talking point of the century.

  13. Misty Nguyen

    Stop doing business altogether with China, communist China and all communism regime are two faces , Don’t ever trust them , they are snakes with. Multiple poisonous heads. 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  14. David Song

    Im pretty sure market has priced in a resolution at the end of 2-6 years

  15. yan yan

    at some point us is going to learn what embargo feels like. autarky will work for a while. then kids grow up

  16. Go MGTOW

    What's really scary is that China is planning on sinking an American destroyer in the South China Sea over the next few weeks. When that happens, do you think America WON'T declare an all-out war with China?

  17. Go MGTOW

    The trade war will last for decades, and tariffs on Chinese products will be anywhere from 50% to 200% in two more years. Already the rate is up to 30% on most stuff from China, so rising it up to 50% is not much further.

  18. Armando Torres

    You’re faces say it all, it’s not pretty

  19. World's Netizen

    A trade war is easy to win. And Trump hasn't finished it yet.

  20. Arthur Hau

    Don't deal with the DEVILS!

  21. M Soda

    China is playing the long game. China thinks in terms of years trump thinks in days and tweets.

  22. Tradespoon

    How To REACT To Current Market Conditions (Strategy Roundtable 08-30-19)

  23. 1Hitmanvee

    The strong don't care about china or what they do
    Only the wimpy non American do

  24. solomon king

    No it won’t last longer

  25. landmark

    but wait trade deals are easy

  26. dingle_mccringleberry

    Good. I dislike Trump severely, but I dislike the Chinese Communists even more. And while I think free trade is usually a good idea, we should not be trading with countries that use slave labor and violate human rights.

  27. K B

    The TPP would have addressed all of these problems with China. The Chosen One couldn’t stand the idea of following in Obama’s footsteps.

  28. First Last

    Baucus is a 1st class jackass who doesn't know his ass from his elbow. China is on the verge of implosion. So in other words, they'll cave soon and we'll get out of the shitstorm trade deal that people like Max the leech forced onto the tax payers and consumers plates.

  29. El Duque

    Pull all your manufacturing from China. We don’t need them

  30. Michael Cascio

    He hasn't a clue.

  31. NAV RIO

    Fuck China!!!

  32. John Doe

    We don't need the Chinese for anything! Made in the USA!!!

  33. KT Chong

    Months? More like YEARS. The trade war – or rather, economic and cold war – will continue even after the Trump presidency, whether Trump wins his re-election or not. There are other "higher powers" than the President in the US, (i.e., the Pentagon, the CIA, the military industry complex, the Deep State, maybe all of them, whatever,) and "they" have decided that to decouple and go to a new cold war with China. Obama was already preparing for the decoupling and cold war with the TPP and "Asian pivot" foreign policy near the end of his second term. Obama wanted to take a more subtle approach and work with US allies to take on China, but Trump has gone all all and is using the bombastic, chaotic approach. Anti-China, the decoupling and the Cold War with China are the new norm now. There is no going back. The trade economic and political war with China will continue for years decades beyond the Trump administration. Even China, at the outset of the economic war, knew it would last (in their words) "two decades if not longer." China has already accepted this new reality – and it is dragging out the trade negotiation to buy time to decouple from the US and transition to self-reliant on its own consumer markets. The words from the Chinese side is that what Americans are demanding from the trade deal is what a country has to give up when it loses an actual war, that the terms of the trade deal are reminiscent of the "Unfair Treaties" from the Era of Humiliation of Chinese history. China would never accept a trade deal and terms like that.

  34. barry rudge

    Trump will fold in the next few months to help his ailing re election campaign but its already far to late is illegal tariffs were never ever going to work but he's been to thick to understand the economics. Meanwhile the rest of the world will be receiving even cheaper Chinese electrical that were originally meant for the USA market. No doubt in the UK my next widescreen TV will be even cheaper thanks to baby trump

  35. Os

    thats wassup XI dont fold

  36. Alvin D

    Fuck those ungrateful commies. We're the reason why they're not speaking Japanese

  37. Linn Specialist

    China won't be bullied by Trump. Trump's lack of knowledge of the Communist history in China is the cause of his defeat in this tariff war. After Trump is gone in Nov 2020, President Xi will still be there ruling China. Trump will be humiliated by lawsuits against him. Xi just laughs. Trump is stupid.

  38. Yifan Huang

    that's exactly right, not even close to make a deal yet.

  39. Jack Zhu

    is he dunk all the time?


    China doesnt want it to end Dummies. They want Dumbmerica to go into recession first.

  41. paul hoskin

    Soon there will be a economic wall from north to south so trump gets his wall after all

  42. John Smith

    He talked to a couple friends 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  43. M1 L2

    Why would china do any deal with Trump to get him reelected?

  44. hundred cs

    Trump is messing up with the wrong guy.

  45. David White

    China will hold out as long as they can.the communist savages are use to eating bark,rubber ect,due to bieing communists.
    Trump will get the deal thats good for america,or he will tax the shit out of china.
    Remember,boys and girls,china is a COMMUNIST STATE.
    They are evil,just like the democratic party!

  46. Rata 4U

    14 months to go before Trump is out.

    He will start a war with Iran to exceed his term limit.

  47. ztop ztop

    Trump has made it clear that he is willing NOT to do business with China if they don't offer better trade policies. China "is" a national security threat and that's the real problem-NOT TRADE! China is at war with America on economics and steals from us. The trade issue is minor compared the national security concerns. Brace yourself! We may never do trade with China again- if they continue to steal and keep their markets closed. Why in the hell do you think Trump is trying to move America's supply chain away from China? They are our enemies not friends.

    God damn google for censoring my comment!!!!!!!!!!! My best guess is Google is more communistic than constitutional in their policies. Maybe they are working with the chinese government to destroy America and our freedoms! The truth is to gain access to the Chinese markets the Chinese govt requires foreign countries to adhere to their practices and we know they are anti freedom.

    NOT TRADE! China is at war with America on economics and steals from us.
    The trade issue is minor compared the national security concerns

  48. Steven H

    Buy American. Yes it takes more effort to find and may cost more but worth every penny. Support your country first.

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