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  1. Luis Landa

    Is this a great team? What does people around the world say? Dont come with toxic comments, no kids around here.

  2. mugen jin

    Peruvians now waiting for airport highlights😂😂

  3. Motherless Cunt

    damn i feel bad for beastcost. i root vs china all the time. fucking boring all alike robots

  4. C.Nightmare Franz

    1 30

  5. Chibi Lator Gz

    BC threw so hard

  6. Bima Chandra

    What a throw

  7. Bladi DXN

    Forma mas pendeja pierden jajaja 😂

  8. Annzu

    i found this series one of the most interesting.The ending is just Epic.

  9. Williams Bahamondes

    Gaaaa ahora pe patas de tamal ahí ta su bc, tanto q lo jodian que suba noobfromua partidas de bc y quisper

  10. Prismo

    Ahí si subes no conchatumare?

  11. Cristian Romero

    What chucha happend drogo

  12. nilson Rahi Tapia

    ese drogo que tal throw

  13. Samu Yb

    After the match when they interviewed JT, they asked who called for the GG push, its was JT, JT true mvp deserved

  14. Toby L

    weak chickens mutually bite

  15. sleepingme11

    props to BC for putting a good fight this major!

  16. Dab inSide

    Just one mistake decided the game, that's how hard for pros to win against each other while noobs are blaming them LUL

  17. ASEC Mimosas

    What an LC game from JT. JT was the big time series mvp.

  18. スイッチSwitch

    Glad that this overrated team is eliminated.

  19. Yameteee Onee-Chan

    3:47 nuke sounds

  20. IDK Plays

    Peruvian throw OmegaLUL

  21. Rembran Canete

    Beastcost is so noob why fight in the trees

  22. male grotesque

    im not sad
    they fight well
    viva beastcoast el diablo senorita

  23. Dean Miao

    30-1 lol

  24. yan

    Agg p ese crrano de la templar :v

  25. Чингис Бекбатыр

    Просто невозможно слушать этого конча… Серьёзно, блин . Ты можешь другого комментатора поставить,. Либо уж без него… Просто несёт ересь с микрофоном от наушников пздц

  26. Melody Shouton

    what a throw from bc LMFAO

  27. Чингис Бекбатыр

    For the fucks sakes, please dont put that shit voice comment…ffs

  28. invalice

    17:55 damn, hyhy was right. Hide in the trees = win game. Hyhy would have won TI if teammate just listened and hid in trees.

  29. Jonatan Aragon Morvely

    Fue una mal desición la tercera partida. No había posición. Ni wards. Ni buy back. A la próx beascost estará en los primeros lugares. Top 3

  30. Abhishek Meena

    My ears were happy till Game 3 then they felt asleep coz of JEWUALS

  31. Ricardo Alava

    Jajaja en el tercer juego se loquearon jaja vamos muchachos hpta!!

  32. Marcus Trummer

    man if they had dust/sentry in the fight ta died it would have been a complete different fight… LC would have died first then they could have wiped iG

  33. solo leveling

    from Chris Luck to Chris Fuck…
    what a throw, no money for buyback, still decided to take fights even if the buyback is on cd, used bkb early on that last fight near radiant t2 tower, spent all bkb duration looking for a target around trees, get dueled to death, lose roshan and lose the game

    chris fuck

  34. Jimmy Ho

    From hero to zero

  35. laugh away

    I thought k1's Wraith King is insta win????? Report match for bug

  36. Shan Dogaong


  37. Stalin Dota


  38. tee eye winner

    Such a heartbreak loss .feels bad for BC they almost had that win ..

  39. Pui Yin Chai

    Bc such a cocky team.. Deserved the lost

  40. Kindergarten Killer幼稚园杀手


  41. Jigsy Tipsy

    the jewel?

  42. Sergio Quijano

    Finally the last trash is out. Now its only good teams in the major. Beastcoast should have been eliminated by androit, i suppose last game is the karma for that game. And now that secret lgd og and the new kuroky team are coming back, prob beastcoast would be eliminated faster now.

  43. Erwin Urbe

    Tnc ES + MORPH is the best

  44. Nyx Nerubian

    Iam impressed with beastcoast. They improved a lot. Sad they lost. Keep up and best luck at the next tournament. Sorry for my bad english.

  45. Bond Joeurve

    bc good counter es n morph combo…..now everyone will scare of it…nice….bye2 ig


    18:05 la cagada de Crist luck daga a los bosques y activa bkb >:(

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