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  1. Franc2 anton

    Elles sont super Belles !!

  2. Raymond Espedido

    to the person who uploaded this video, you are extremely disrespectful of other Asian countries for excluding them. extremely extremely disrespectful

  3. Bob Tran

    All dress look very beautiful. The music doesn't fit to Asian culture at all. Totally off.

  4. Lào Minh Anh

    Nói thật nhìn áo dài nhạt vl áo mệnh phụ đẹp hơn sao k mặc đi

  5. ??

    forgot Cambodia and Laos?

  6. Samuel Yu

    I prefer Chinese Hanfu,any day.

  7. Krishna Indo

    My Kebaya 😆

  8. シンジ碇

    Ughhh the qipao is so ugly and classless compared to the rest. Check out the Hanfu for ACTUAL Chinese traditional clothing instead of the bastardized Manchurian-Sino-Western modern fusion that is the qipao.

  9. 808C4rl_72

    iam filipino

  10. Truthseeker

    Zhang Yimou's movies are my favorite.

  11. Samuel Yu

    I am a South Korean fascinated by Real Chinese culture.

  12. Shiin Fukuhara

    To say that qipao/cheongsam is Chinese traditional dress is not so accurate, because they are very new as compared to whole of Chinese history, and the form of clothing of qipao does not have roots from Hanfu, which had been the clothing of Han Chinese before the Qing dynasty.

  13. Madeline Ngeth

    Where's Cambodia are we not important

  14. 박sung

    All Beautiful
    Do not fight

  15. Sengim Dann

    most of ppl not agree with your video post because no khmer traditional dress in here but got thai dress so dump video from Korea

  16. tin nguyen

    Ao Dai so beautyful

  17. roygbiv330

    u can learn they wear kimono not because its beautiful but to shut out the body shapes here in japan. some to shut up their feet or thick ankles.

  18. harriz moktar

    korean hanbok like pregnant woman dress


    Áo dài cũng như qibao,nó không phải áo cổ truyền của việt nam. Nó là trang phục của các lực lượng ngoại lai thống trị việt nam vào đầu thế kỉ 19 áp đặt lên biệt nam_daiviet

  20. Sengim Dann

    Not much in asia country clothing traditional why no cambodia but had thailand so crazy video

  21. kane kure

    Thank you for uploading. If you make new movie, put hanfu pictures in.
    Hanfu is origin of Japanese ' wafuku', Korean ' hanbok, Man race ' qibao'
    In Japan  ' wafuku' ' kimono' ,  generic name of these kind of traditional clothes are called
     ' gofuku' (呉服、吴服) and kimono shop are still called '  gofukuya' ( 呉服屋,呉服店)
    '呉、吴' This kanji, hanzi ( Chinese character) means ancient Han race country WU.
    Originally ancient Japanese learned how to make from Wu, and brought it back. Thus like that.

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