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  1. AnatasiaQa Chan

    omg, i love that 'life written in water '

  2. เจษฎา ทองนาเพียง

    YANG MI ( I Love you ) From THAILAND 🇹🇭

  3. LizzyLuv92

    Remember the love that I cant have 💔 I let u go lovee :'(

  4. 陳富永

    Who is the singer who sang the Vietnamese song at the end?

  5. Công Bình

    Bài đầu tên j nhỉ

  6. manpreet kour

    Good please tell me what software be you used

  7. Hluas Nkauj Hmong

    Does anyone know what the first song is called?

  8. Allahyar hamedullah


  9. Irma Jaime

    Soy Argentino soy De Argentina mi paiz Argentina Linda Musica China Como me siento ir S vivi en china

  10. abah benedict

    Beautiful music

  11. Kiran Vishwkarma

    Ib subacribed!!

  12. Lyle Abriam

    Yang mi:) legend of fuyao

  13. Edward Scott

    What beauty! Thank you very much for sharing of your rich cultural.

  14. mippzmi


  15. Frengkie Sulaiman

    Very2 relax

  16. Noxs10 MX


  17. AOE King Channel


  18. Yash Raj

    Beautiful music

  19. Rahim Karim

    Merveilleuse musique… merci beaucoup

  20. Ani lim


  21. Rebbecah Israel


  22. Aneey Aneey

    1st yippeeeee.

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