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  1. Tse Hong Ling

    art of the deal means, you remove some of the usual benefits, then when you restore them back, you will look like a generous person.

  2. M Brewer

    Trump is the kind of old man that while drowning in the pool, will flail helplessly and pull under everyone trying to save him. Once the bodies of the attempted heros are stacked enough in the pool, he will crawl out of the pool on their lifeless bodies and walk away and not look back. Cohen, Tillerson, Flynn. Manafort, Gates and now Rudy, soon to be arrested and trump isn't sure who he is now LOL

  3. Stamp and Scrap

    Chinese happy, because they know that all they have to say to Trump to get what they want is
    "We understand that in your great and unmatched wisdom you can see how this will benefit you."

  4. hotrod3769

    Move the ball down the field but keep the pressure on.

  5. bitebetsy

    Why did all stocks start a Dive – in the last 10-15 minutes of the Market today [Friday?]…

  6. syncmaster915n

    Tuesday: The Chinese let known that they were going to cut the Washington trip short.
    Wednesday: Trump invites Chines vice premiere to White House.
    Thursday: Talks are going well, according to Trump. Chinese state media optimistic.
    Friday: stay tune

  7. Y Sheen

    Both sides already discussed key issues before China sent delegation. Both sides have to make compromises, it is NOT one sided deal !

  8. 祖宗呆湾螂

    death to usa

  9. Mark walker

    so ,after all this, are we better off will the goodwill between farmers, pork producers, and other exporters come back

  10. haoru chen

    About the freaking time

  11. Gavin

    Could this be a record beautiful deal?

  12. Stan Mann

    They are definitely making better clothes in China. Eunice is the best dressed on this channel.

  13. Anicca Smith

    More Tariffs Start 10/15…;))) China Social Unrest Is Coming With High Employment & Shortage Of Food…Pork 🐖…Death To The CCP

  14. Wayne T

    Trump is pressed by his own self interest at this time to get progress.

  15. Lawrence Sullivan

    WTO says nothing about human rights. Maybe China should demand that US not put children in cages on the border.

  16. Inventamus

    Chinese joined WTO under Clinton's and promised to move to open up and have human rights. Decades later China CCP still has communist strangle hold on Chinese people.

  17. Inventamus

    Free Hong Kong people first

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