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  1. Shaw English Online

    Please support us so we can make future videos.

  2. king khan khan

    So decent method


    A BIG THANKS for your time, care, love and am effort to shared your knowledge. We deeply appreciate your labour of love. May GOD keep you safe always and may your prayers be heard. GOD BLESS YOU. 🌹

  4. The Sun Rays

    But some times H also like a vowel eg.Hour Honour

  5. Tutorial channel

    Thanks so….. much. I have a great respect for you.

  6. Hassine Mahfouz

    I can’t thank you enough. You’re the best.

  7. Hoang Pham

    bye bye …. so cute :))))

  8. Tresor Lubaki

    I'm verry happy to learn, because i'm a beginner

  9. Deepa Maheshwari

    Tysm …ma'am

  10. Eric Teoh Fitness

    I finished it. Thanks a lot

  11. Preet K

    Great style of teaching I understand very easily. Thank you. Love from India

  12. Zakir Hussain

    Thank you so much for making this video ❤😘 from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  13. A.S.

    38:34 I'm not a Canadian .. I'm not a loser … LOL

  14. Abdallah Mosa

    Thank you 🙏 teacher

  15. تستسنسن ینییک

    بسیار بسیار بسیار بسیار بسیار عاااااااالی forme Afghanistan

  16. rajib hazarika

    Madam I love it your voice even how to teach all courses I like it you know even my some confusion also solve it I really appreciate you even you easily explain any courses who ever watched your video they very lucky I hope you next video make more easier .. you know madam I am not in perfect English if any mistake please so sorry .I always watch your videos so maybe I become as good to you…

  17. 朽木也

    In the last is it ‘does she has a hat ?’not does she have a hat right?

  18. Maria Litviakova

    Beautiful Asian girl

  19. danica patacsil

    IM A PRO😏


  20. asmae BENNIS

    please can you tell what fondation crem you use thanks

  21. asmae BENNIS

    it's very nice thank you so mach

  22. Divya Raj

    Mam apka face etna jafa shine kaise kr RHA hai


    It's really helpful

  24. Baizzura Tan

    you are good teacher. thank you for the lesson Esther.

  25. Nickthapa.

    I'm from in India.
    Mem I like your all videos.
    Because your teaching style is to good.
    And you're so beautiful specially in black dress n open hairs. So please make more videos.

  26. Simi mry Simi

    Iam Kerala… I like this class thank uuuuuu

  27. Pramod Kumar Anuragi

    I love you mam with no reason….

  28. Pramod Kumar Anuragi

    I love the way you teach English with patience…I loved it….thank you mam

  29. Ali Afridi

    Very nice

  30. Ahmed Hussain

    Madam, where are you from

  31. Ahmed Hussain

    I like you ma'm

  32. Rance Tejano

    I loved the way you teach easy to understand

  33. Yunas Pithu

    Your teaching english good for me.

  34. 晕大白菜

    I like you

  35. ch madhu

    Tnk you mamm

  36. Marie Jason

    In the 3 video if a word starts with a vowel I need to put 'an' in front of it but if the word does not start with a vowel then I need to put an 'A' instead right?

  37. Juan The Crack

    many thank's i'm learning with you videos

  38. عدة قوعيش

    t hank you 💖💖💖💖👍💪

  39. Mary Cele

    I love all your videos. You are an amazing teacher.

  40. Raiymzhan Raiymbek

    amazing i’m understand you, your method very very interesting and very very easy

  41. Vk Dj

    Your teaching skills are way beyond and indeed they are marvellous.
    Since childhood I considered Grammer a dull, boring and drab thing but today you have changed my opinion.
    It felt so nice listening to you and I was completely engrossed in your teaching
    I hope you keep enlightening us this same manner
    Kudos to you and We love you

  42. Mohd Alsah

    Why not they're peoples

  43. David Duong

    Are you from korea ? You look like korea.

  44. Exols Kurdish Day

    ❤❤❤you are the best teacher i ever met

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