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  1. Jordyn TD

    Cold!!? y'all wouldn't last in Canada dkmm

  2. Danasia Stroud

    I like how he was dying because it is 50 degrees outside 😂 That’s what happens when you from LA

  3. girly girl13

    Austin thinks he’s a raper now

    *Rapper Oops 🤔

  4. hollywood girl

    Catherine is so gorgeous !

  5. Ruthie’sLife

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you guys Happy Holidays and many blessings to your family!!!!

  6. Harrison Musyoka

    Did he just jump on him wuttt



  8. Deaven Snyder

    I came here from snapchat

  9. Layla Cabdi

    💛🌎💙🌸❤️❤️🥰ace fam u took all my love 😍

  10. Silvia Gamboa

    Alaïa already is starting to look like Elle

  11. vanessa tea

    " Giddy Giddy Up "

  12. moon lovers


  13. Stacey Knight

    I'm not sure how much of an understanding u have but I'd need connect with u better

  14. Stacey Knight

    Wow will u get a gold of me

  15. Abdirahman Daahir

    Giddy up❤❤❤💋

  16. Victoria Torsvik

    Im already signing on this song 24/7 and it is just 30 seconds over and over haha

  17. Helena Cochran

    50 degrees ain’t nothing we’re I live it gets below zero

  18. Demonic QUACKER

    When Austin said get packing I almost took out my suitcase XD

  19. Megaly Carmella

    When is The Documentary Part 4 come out??

  20. Choclitt

    I wanna see the video now

  21. Just your average Gay

    You are a horrible people. But go ahead and fucking continue. Fucking disgusting human beings. Fuck you.

  22. Mixed Mixed

    Look at those beautiful horses.

  23. PandasUNITE

    Some cringe white people shit.

  24. Onnawa Prewitt

    i liked it

  25. Matvey

    What‘s the music in the intro?

  26. Shelbi Allen

    is austin really faking to play a guitar when he has no clue how to

  27. Shelbi Allen

    poor animals

  28. MsJulianaMarie

    I heart you guys 💖

  29. Shelbi Allen

    are they really singing a song about c- are they even southe- ok im officially done with this fake family

  30. Caroline Anasi

    Stay cool

  31. Breanna Campos

    Yay!!! Can’t wait to watch!!😍

  32. Kemely Munoz

    He’s dancing with kids 😂😂

  33. Jiya Desai

    I am still waiting for the giddy up oficial video …….2DAYS LATER

  34. Ruth Hernandez

    Y'all i know this song will be fire❣🎶🤠

  35. Grace Martin

    5:52 5:56rich people problems 😂

  36. Ambitious Brillon

    OMG I can't wait….

  37. April Rodriguez

    Elle doesn’t fuck with Austin lmao

  38. Andy Dany

    I'm craving for this video

  39. Mikell M

    I can't believe the real music video will be up on my daughter's 9th birthday we are really excited

  40. Andy Dany

    I so cant wait for the video

  41. Arshia Markan


  42. Jena lee

    I dont understand why so many people come to watch there vidios & take time out to comment on there video, only to write a hate comment about them & there videos???? Hmmmmm Oh well Haters give the most views at the end of the day. So Thanks for paying them to hate. IM SURE 95% OF U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THERE LIVES BEHIND THE SCENES OFF CAMERA. Social Media can be toxic filled with lies about people. I dont even know them off camera, but Im also not goin to drag them for what social media says. There still normal people like us. There human, Im sure things arent always perfect. Im sure they go through things in life like everyone else. There obviously not goin to put all there problems on there videos. Its none of our business what they go through. They dont have to put all there private life situations in there videos. There here to entertain us & be happy. Maybe theres days where there goin through somethin so YA Catherine may seem a lil dif in a video….BIG DEAL whatever it is, its not our business. We dont know things that go on or how serious a situation is. IM RANTING….but what if it was u? Dont watch there videos if u dont like them, dont give them the views……and btw 98% of youtubers are different off camera

  43. Blaggy Beleva

    It's gonna be an amazing video 🤗🤗🤗can't wait to see it ❤️❤️❤️

  44. Galilea Flores

    Can you guys use that song on your intro plz i love that song❤❤❤🔊🔊🔊🔊🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵

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