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  1. Al G

    headline driven, day to day, tweet to tweet, lol

  2. Mike Stoltz

    "The dialogue we have seen in the data." She doesn't really have a clue what shes doing.1:11

  3. rich s

    Trump's Administration is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the nation

  4. Chandler Hefley

    Why are Americans so willing to get stiffed by China?? We should be applauding Trump! China managed to almost completely diminish their lower class and bring them up to middle class, why? Because the worlde #1 economy, the USA, was giving them billions of dollars. What if those billions came back to the USA?? Could you imagine if we lifted a majority of our people out of poverty and into the middle class???? Wouldnt that be better??????? Am I crazy??!?!?!?!?!?!??God bless the USA

  5. Diane laughalot

    That's a no brainer….. i believe tRuMps game plan is to "wait" till the last minute," just so he can take credit for what I believe will be his BIGGEST con yet😳

  6. Kevin Arnold

    It's a sad state of affairs when China is more reliable than the White House. Almost no one is honest about this trade war really being about patents and copyrights that companies hold and use to manufacture all the junk we buy here on the cheap from China.

  7. Askender III

    The World Economy relying on False or Made-Up Money !!! How stupid have we become where money is concerned, I wonder !!!

  8. Hoosier Hermit

    Good, we shouldn't trade with them at all

  9. foreverfaithful1809

    Is anybody tired of winning yet?

  10. just enough

    Rabbi trumpstein needs to go on a diet and stop serving Satan (((ishreel)))🔯🇮🇱🚮

  11. Mopar426Power

    Soooo, Trump was lying again in regards to "how well" talks are going. "They want to get a deal done" and the phone call that he said he had with Xi (his aids later confirmed he never had that call and Chinese officials also said same thing) which affected the stock market. Nobody can believe a word Trump says.

  12. PN H

    It is laughable and scary at the same time when 2 authoritarian leaders negotiate with threats, fakes, lies, half-truths etc. The market is also a joke because they can't deal with the unpredictability of these leaders. They usual know exactly what the giveth will do with small areas of uncertainty because they have purchased it with lobbiests, dependant parties and legislators.

  13. The Wolf

    Does China even need the US? Seems they can afford to strong arm the US because they have everything there…we import like crazy…for more than we export

  14. Emmanuel Reyes

    Is funny how the orange chief always say "I am the king of trade, trades are easy, I know more than anyone else on trades" China says "NO Deal" and Fox is like "well this is not easy, this of course is going to take a long time" lol This is like parents making excuses for their kids failures.

  15. Charles Driggers

    This is the problem that I here. Being dependent on China for anything. Cheap goods are just that. Cheaply made and will not last. All these years ,we made things on this country that people could buy and could afford. So explain how we have come to the conclusion that this is not possible today.

  16. Mark W.

    Beijing also very busy with tank maintenance and preparation.

  17. LoneSoldier0000

    I thought American's were told we won't be a dime because of this…. Now everyone is saying, it's gonna be painful.. Thanks for the heads up

  18. Eric Johnson

    china be like do you bro! america be like… lets make more skateboards and cheeseburgers.

  19. Paul Briggs

    Fox, You were supposed to "work" (lie) for the head oompa loompa in charge

  20. William Peterson

    How can a market respond to a madman who changes his stances constantly?

  21. Tristan

    China’s ideologies and government will eventually be their downfall. They have too many human rights issues to tackle before they become the next world superpower.

  22. vXIR0NMANXv

    So….Trump lied again. He's trying to save face now that he knows he's going to cause a recession.

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