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  1. bagondreamer

    hope they remember tiananmen massacre

  2. damnallseperatist

    Don't you ever let the western propaganda tell you that there's no freedom of speech in China.
    People will never say anything that might in anyway jeopardize their future.
    Noone wants to challenge the social paradigm of the society they live in.
    except the very old who simple don't give a f anymore.
    Like how the old white men who now rules the western "democracy" via power and influence they accumulated over generations

  3. Jimmy JamesRaynor

    The wealth and prosperity is real despite a lack of democracy

  4. Eric Halim

    China went up within 1 generation lifespan only this is amazing. China is now comparable with US with which had their revolution back like hundreds years.

  5. Uler Kadut

    i dont want to say anything about hongkong…
    but… hk youth seems like cant handle hardlife? or they complain they cant have easy job?
    they should be feel blessed if they can find job…
    how many people in the world didnt have great luck like them?

    to enjoy higher education without have to worry anything…
    those people in other developing country almost have to left school just to help support family.

  6. abar rolugos

    I see no change with CCP involve

  7. Shuen Tiow

    Im not biased or anything. I think HK is afraid of becoming a part of communism. I don't think HK hate China, they just don't want their country become communism.

  8. Joshua Xiong

    Thanks to Tiananmen Square Protest they got economic freedom which they don't know about that protest, pretends not to know, or forgot about it.

  9. Joshua Xiong

    Their social credit went up.

  10. Joshua Xiong

    1:26 I didn't hear him say Wangfujing.

  11. WeiWen WWE

    China's opening up is really the turning point for China's future. Thank you leader Deng Xiaoping

  12. WeiWen WWE

    People would call this propaganda from CCP again, especially HK people

  13. Wakanda Thanos

    Just another Ccp PROPERGANDA

  14. Lawrence Ding

    CCP had led China on the wrong path at times, and it is quite heavy handed in its quest to maintain control. With that said, they have provided China with a relatively stable economic and social environment. China went from a backwater in 1949 to the largest industrial power on earth, with an economy second only to US. That is a remarkable achievement regardless of whether you like CCP or not.

  15. yiqihui520


  16. Salma Johansson


  17. Karwin Chau

    A culture lost in exchange for a greater economy wise.

  18. Andreas Karlsson

    ccp will collapse

  19. De Revolutionibus

    First there was a famine in Kuomintangs era, and then Mao came up and launched the greatest famine in the history of the world that killed 40 million people in 4 years.

  20. Zirob

    People congratulating China here, but not realizing that you could be jailed for using YouTube there 🗣️

  21. Zirob

    70 of oligarchy dictatorship 🙂

  22. Mobile Vi

    I love hongkong, taiwan. No china

  23. FreelanceArt101

    Look at those (((right wing epsteincommunists)))

  24. HunterShows

    China was a much greater country 70 years ago.

  25. Rylon M

    這點我在美國學Asian Studies的同學都清楚,倒是兩岸的人更容易走極端。Sad.

  26. Allen Lei


  27. wukang feng

    i love ccp!

  28. The Last Commander

    Who cares about dictatorship or one man rule when he can provide better life for all people

  29. L Blue


  30. Matthew Wu

    Bet they remembered the tiananm..[rest got deleted by the Chinese government]

  31. airekrision82

    I don't agree with the communist party way but I give utmost respect to those who struggle to build the nation. HK people have rights to choose their leader not to force them to accept it.

  32. L Blue

    Arrest these for sedition, crimes the state and crimes against the Chinese race =

    Yes. I know that these are part of the hate speech media =

    scmp, jack ma IS ANTI CHINA and ANTI CHINESE RACE!!!!

    ARREST jack ma and yonden lathoo!!!!

    jack ma is TREASONOUS!!!!

    ARREST ALL OF jack ma's family and relatives. Also arrest all their friends, associates and colleagues.


  33. Reyman Karlo Klynt Sy


  34. Story From The Old Warior

    I don't hate china i respect them, but problem is on how communist treat religion, thats will diffrent story if ccp respect other culture,race and religion as long they not make problem with "country"

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