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  1. Mindvalley

    Have you ever tried to biohack your age?
    Learn more about how you can, with Ben Greenfield's FREE masterclass👉http://go.mindvalley.com/KUv2uSWz

  2. timtrainage

    Deadlifts, then drops the bar.
    Quick everyone, I'm certain this crossfitter has the answers to longevity…

  3. Jozsef NGJ

    So don't train hard? Like even if your goal in training is strength… I thin'k his full of bullshit!

  4. Elinna GBP baron Makiling

    Thank you so much Allah bless all of the year and all the night and day and time for you to know that you are doing good way and guide me through the name of Allah bless all thank you so much Allah bless all day long life and today and tomorrow Allah love you so very very much Allah bless all thank you so much Allah bless all day and night and today and tomorrow Allah bless all

  5. G A

    Thank you.

  6. Curx ::::::D

    by the gods to you, no gonna start messing , bye,, subscribtion and

  7. sarah

    Is he a vegan? Just wondering…😄

  8. Today's Manna

    Don't you think being obsessed with the flesh is a lack of Spirit?
    Does not the flesh enslave and give rise to ones ego?
    Focus more on The Most High and be grateful.

  9. Devil Drive

    Vishen Sir,
    How a student can afford ₹20000 INR where middleclass people's monthly average income in India is lower than this figure.
    If you think of young generation , these quest could be within a fair price .
    recently i have joined to RTH which is 22000 in indian money . How a middle class 25yrs boy can afford these much !
    And big part of all , those who can afford these quest are more than 40 age , are saturated with there life. 😂😂

  10. Fredi Long

    If someone here knows Debora King tell her to go fuck herself and keep away from my youtube.
    That's goes for you too.

  11. BhaskarYadav



    Exercise and diet are a great bio hacks for a living healthy.

  13. Jacquelyn Diamond

    I like your approach and open mindedness. I think you and your teachers are on the right track! And also, I get that everyone has to make their way in this flawed, but prevalent economic structure. That said, how about working towards something ANYONE and EVERYONE truly can benefit from?? Like a genuine paradigm change? A whole new form of government that is somehow like self governing, fully transparent, empathetic yet promotes self discipline and is genuinely FAIR. Where NO ONE is left behind? Where no one is forced to work in a well masked, but no less disempowering, slave system based on mass labor, mass producing, mass consuming, and a blatantly unfair collection of taxes, where most profit/power only truly benefits a few criminal masterminds and their offspring!!
    A change in paradigm is inevitable. People are waking up and see the system is rigged against the majority! Look at what is happening in France and even here in the US! We have to be careful that we don’t wind up in an even more violating and exploitive system than this current one. That takes a lot of work, a lot of study, thinking and prayer but we can achieve anything if our heart’s resonate strongly with it. That’s the kind of movement I could resonate with and get behind. Something that benefits the greater world and works toward the greater good of our civilization. Look, we all know deep down that this society is not optimal and it certainly isn’t “our best” model. We need to break through the barriers put in place by oligarchs only concerned with grabbing up resources and power to exert control over others while gaining an almost grotesque amount of prosperity- at the exploitation and expense of others not so criminally inclined. MINDVALLEY? This is your ultimate challenge! One person may not be able to achieve this singlehandedly- or maybe they can, never say never, but if you are serious about instilling real change and bringing about a giant consciousness leap for humankind, this is your task! I know from personal experience that many brilliant and benevolent minds can achieve monumental enlightenment and spiritual gain for all, because I feel we really are all connected and that there is tremendous powers of achievement in like minded numbers!!

  14. Ishqboyjay

    174k views in just 6 min how ?

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