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  1. William Sharron

    Fredo and the free shit man have their heads where the sun don't . The Medicare plan I pay each month and paid each week I worked deducted my salary and matched by my employer. Then costs me an additional $389 a month and a copay for a Dr's and meds! Good Luck with that.

  2. ChrisItsLightRed

    Chris cuomo is a stupid on purpose douche in a thousand dollar suit, why would you trust a word he reads from the TelePrompter

  3. The SunChaser

    This video made me a Bernie supporter.

  4. Matt Orfalea

    10:45 ***that’s gonna take a lot of trust…and now there’s not a lot of trust w you people down in Washington””*****

  5. Matt Orfalea

    9:35 “Chris, you’re gonna have to do more homework” **

  6. Matt Orfalea

    9:10 universal healthcare is very scary to people***lol

  7. Matt Orfalea

    5:30 “[trump] he is tool!” *

  8. Floyd 81

    Unemployment will go up with factory automation

  9. huge big big huge

    Wow Cuomo really is retarded

  10. Toby Gaffney

    how many fucking study's do you need for health care jesus how many years is canada going on now were everyone there has medical and they aint having any fucking issues jesus people are fucking stupid

  11. jsbbhall

    A US prescription cannot be filled in other countries they will not be honored. He is lying…

  12. Nat Sourgel

    I can only hope that Cuomo meant to get spanked by Bernie here

  13. Lap Nguyen

    For Cuomo – Simple
    and true philosophy: Patriotic and honest lawmakers always work for public
    interests (of the majority of American people – 99 %) – Greedy cowards and
    DISHONEST POLITICIANS just work for filling up their own pockets, bosses bts
    and selfish crony …

  14. Lap Nguyen

    Political puppets don’t care about the health of American
    people – Remember – there have been over 115 Universal healthcare nations (
    UHN) on earth – All UHN are poorer than America.  All of those provided its citizens with
    different health coverage policies because more than half of those are

  15. Trump's Neck Vagina

    Infant mortality rates in countries with Universal healthcare are half what they are here with our profits above lives policy, thats thousands of babies that will die every year because you are afraid of a minor tax increase. Fredo was never very good at math🤔

  16. Darin Gregory


  17. Louie Mendoza


  18. Cats of Sherman


  19. erghjkm vbnmlp

    Release the Fredo!

  20. erghjkm vbnmlp

    Release the Fredo!

  21. erghjkm vbnmlp

    Release the Fredo!

  22. erghjkm vbnmlp

    Release the Fredo!

  23. erghjkm vbnmlp

    Release the Fredo!

  24. Matt Bohnenberger

    I find it hilarious how Bernie Sanders supporters get so outraged anytime Bernie’s feet are held to the fire LOL anytime Bernie actually gets tough questions and pressed over his ridiculous rhetoric and over how his policy changes would cost an absolute fortune and would hurt the middle class and Bernie fans Haidet because like most on the left they hate disagreement. Another thing, Bernie has the audacity to state that Donald Trump wants to kick people off of their health insurance when in actuality Bernie Sanders Medicare for all would kick every single person in the country after insurance because in order for everyone else to get Medicare they would have to lose their existing policy with the private health insurance so Bernie is full of shit! Bottom line is this, Bernie Sanders is a absolute fraud who has never worked a real job in his entire life, yeah he’s been saying the same things for years but so freaking what I mean I hate to used a strategy of Democrats but Adolf Hitler before he became Chancellor of Germany held the same views long before he took power, just because someone has been rigid and I’m waving with their politics doesn’t mean shit. Bernie Sanders is a fraud and a clown and I really hope it’s him going up against Trump because Trump will eat his fucker for breakfast just like he did Hillary Clinton lol. Bernie Sanders doesn’t have what Donald Trump has and that charisma and presence and he also has terrible socialist plans for the Country. I mean just look at this clown LOL

  25. awe

    Cuomo doing exactly what his sugar daddies want him to do.

  26. MrGiggity890

    Silly commies

  27. Andrea Sheehan

    When i hold $15 in front of my face and think abt what i can buy with it and how much work i did for it in exchange for making someone else a millionaire… It seems like such a small amount of money

  28. Trigger Warning

    chris we all know you are in the place you are in today bc of daddy

  29. Trigger Warning

    chris we all know you are in the place you are in today bc of daddy

  30. susiepotatoes


  31. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  32. Lions

    Chris come on pleases stop with the fake semantic

  33. Bob Chuck

    Bernie 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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