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  1. rolback

    Yes let’s be honest, Bernie is too old and his health is too poor to be President. Sorry but it’s true.

  2. J Mehd

    It’s amazing got they mention that the 25 million raised is a “big sum” then immediately talk about his alleged slipping in the polls with no mention that the 25 million dollars raised is the most of all candidates

  3. ZIP CODE 48204

    CBS we ain't done yet. After this video I will donate another $10. I'm a 29 year old black nurse from Detroit. Bernie 2020 we support.

  4. Nitin B

    A good Communist is a …

  5. Uncle Fjester

    DNC Caught in another Lie!
    Heart Attack announced after Stint Cover Up is Uncovered by Ukraine

  6. Vernon Hector

    aaaaaaand like clockwork…..I was setting my watch to when they would try to pull this one…….hacks……

  7. Buffalo Black

    Disgusting Propaganda.

  8. Liberal Progressive

    We should tax CBS! We can GET UBI & Medicare4All if the media paid more.

  9. Psychedelic Relic

    Bernie is in better shape than people half his age. And all msnbc can do is question his age and vitality. Typical headline sensationalism by corporate media. Still questions remain about msnbc. One question is clear, they get fat off of their neo liberal and corporate donors. They pay the corporate media to suppress the truth.

  10. Niev

    I just donated to Bernie's campaign.

  11. Komogil1

    Nope, still voting for him.

  12. Fred Durst

    Get healthy Bernie! All the best for your health! Trump 2020!

  13. Jacob Rosenberg

    People can have heart problems at any age. This doesn't mean he's too old.

  14. R B

    A million people get this procedure done every year. NEXT!

  15. Heather Weir

    Like vultures circling! #Bernie2020

  16. The Humanity

    Bernie gets a wart removed 3 weeks from now
    MSM: He's going to drop out any day now!

  17. Danielle L.

    Predictable biased reporting from CBS

  18. Sir Loxley Mendoza

    Why is Africa and Asia in the background.. Isn't this American news.. If its world news show the world… If you look at TV you will see most often the USA is not the focus on maps anymore. subliminal brain washing like the way they try to make you believe America is not 74% white and 99% straight

  19. Richard McGowan

    Get back into the streets and and at your rallies and we're getting you elected Bernie. Pick Warren as your vp and you two are going all the way to the white house.

  20. April DuRoss

    You all should be ashamed of yourself! This was a minor procedure that people who bother to stay informed knew about last night. This is nothing more than a few postponed campaign trail events. It sickens me to see supposed "News" sources resorting to sensationalism with zero regard to how their portrayal will shape real news to come. You are supposed to report, not influence. But when you blow things out of proportion like a supermarket tabloid, you show careless disregard for journalism and the greater good…but then again, none of the networks have been truly reporting fair and balanced news stories for some time.

  21. unity love

    Bernie will come back stronger than ever!!!!!!!! Only Bernie Sanders for president!!!

  22. Cannon Cagle

    Bernie Sanders 2020

  23. Sam ib


  24. Dude Lebowski

    Awww. Is the big bad MSM saying something bad about a libtard? Sucks when it happens to you huh? Trump 2020

  25. page

    If you really want free Health Care and Free College, join the Arm Services.

  26. Christopher Riley

    Mainstream media misguiding the people as always. The title should say " bernie is canceling his campaign temporarily".

  27. Aaron Weiser

    Fot his own good, he should end his CAMPAIGN…

  28. waspersting

    he made it to July last time before he dropped put

  29. it's ok it's ok

    Bernie Sanders campaign is over, Actually it was over 20 years ago he just didn't know it. No one should really be president of the United States if you are in your seventies and eighties it's not right to make decisions that's going to affect the life of other people who are in their 30 and forties and fifties. The men and women in their forties and 50 are responsible hard working business owners and employees, they should make their decision on which way they want their life to go. People like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton ,Joe Biden you've had your chance in life you need to move aside and let the people who future's going to be effect that the most make their own decisions.

  30. Sergio Scarponi

    If the vice president can have a full metal jacket (all heart coronary arteries are stented) and continue as our vice president (watch the movie VICE) then I'm good with Bernie.

  31. Paul Christiana

    How are the top three Democratic candidates 70 or older? Most of us normal people plan to be retired by 70, not trying to run the country while having one foot in the grave. Wake up people! #yang2020

  32. N Esq

    It's over for Bernie. Elizabeth Warren must be dancing for joy as she has no competition now

  33. FUimfromTX

    RIP Bernie Sanders
    "Was a fine Communist"
    1912 – 2019

  34. some guy on the internet

    Lol 😂 As long as Bernie is alife he’s getting my vote

  35. tyler borde

    There's a vice president for a reason! Don't let the news use this for fuel!

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