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  1. G M

    Joe Biden, like all democrats,
    is a lying, corrupt, power-hungry, money-hungry TRAITOR!
    Throw them ALL out of office!


  2. J.


  3. R Tevault

    The devil is literally licking his lips.

  4. Live Free or Die

    RIP Bernie, you're toast!

  5. Gene M

    Manufactured consent https://youtu.be/34LGPIXvU5M

  6. Tony Smith

    Good bye Bernie Communism Sucks

  7. orionh3000

    i endorse Bernie sanders!!!

  8. CGI Future

    All fun and games till Andrew yang passes

  9. Lamar

    The poor guy is just old and sick

  10. Greenwithenvy55

    See, it was a heart attack

  11. Luke E

    Wow! Watch this… https://youtu.be/3ZhkKATtqtU

  12. CV Hawkeye

    Give it up Bernie! You have already felt the burn! Your campaign is over! No one will risk putting a candidate with a serious health problem on the ticket! You probably have shot Biden down with you as he also have health issues! Give it up you are both too old!

  13. SW- EDC

    I'm a Conservative who absolutely does not agree with his vision for America but I wish him a speedy recovery.

  14. Okosch Edino

    Bernie's most motivational video on youtube. This just made me cry, because of joy and hope 🙂 Please share!!!

  15. Carson Young

    I assume he isn't going to Canada for his treatment and procedure?

  16. Afro Samurai

    He is unfit to be president.

  17. Afro Samurai

    Poor diet.

  18. john harris

    " The goal of socialism is communism " Vladimir Lenin/1924

  19. 4 hours ago

    Funny how his initials are "BS"
    😂😂😂 fucking commies..

  20. Clarence Flood

    I hope the comy is okay

  21. Anonymous

    Crazy Bernie is out. Filthy Joe is out. Hillary is going to run again because she'll need the cover.

  22. Eddie Banuelos

    FU**K SOCIALISM AND FU**K BERNIE Sanders TRUMP 2020 Keep America great all you free loaders need to Work for your Sh*T like real Americans!!!!

  23. Clara Brarurerr

    Three to five events a day? Hopefully he doesn't get a Bernout Sandrom… 😀

  24. Kat Wallingfordton


  25. Yotsuba Koiwai

    He's the best you've got and now he died 🤣🤣🤣

  26. gunbladeuser19

    ABC News, you piece of shit.
    He's fine. Thousands of people have this standard surgery every year in the U.S.
    Also, why is the the price of a stent procedure six times amount in every other wealthy country in the world?

  27. Stephen Schmitt

    I'm not a support but wish you will. Your heath is more important please take care

  28. Yugioh Pokemon

    i mean idk how expanding welfare increasing taxes and forcing people to downgrade their healthcare appeals to the middle class.

  29. Andrew Yang's Greatest Memes

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  30. John Lamee

    Yang supporter here…
    Best of wishes to bernie.

  31. Joseph Jimenez

    His mother died of heart complications at 46. His father died of health related issues at 57. Bernie sanders is 78 years old. Do people really think his heart can handle 8 more years of presidential level stress? The man should sit this one out and retire with dignity. He's made his impact on this country and has helped create a new generation of leaders. It's time for a more coherent, young, pragmatic, and solution-oriented individual who understands technology and has 21st century solutions in our 20th century form of government. YANG2020

  32. Richard Lee

    Hell is calling for him to return home.

  33. Atomkrieg Reinigungs

    Bernie is relentless and still finished the town hall with chest pain. As you just heard he's campaigning from his hospital bed. The man is a goliath in public service. He will bounce back more invigorated with a sense of urgency to see through all the progressive ideas he started in 2015. He doesn't take money from special interest or corporate elites. He can't be bought and Americans are his special interest. #Bernie2020 #fightforfifteen #medicareforall #collegeforall #cancelstudentdebt #greennewdeal #overturncitizensunited #criminaljusticereform #commonsensegunsafetylegislation #strengthenunions #immigrationreform #equalpayforequalwork #cappinginterestrates #regulatingbigpharma #buildaffordablehousing #endhomelessness #expandveteranbenefits #legalizemarijuana #Bernie2024

  34. Christain Follower

    Not healthy enough to be president. ..physically or mentality

  35. Miles North

    Cool. Now when does he go in for brain surgery?

  36. Robert Bullock

    That may be true, Batgirl, but Trump's diet is probably bad…..bottom feeder!

  37. dood poop

    I'd rather vote for a dead Sanders, than any of the other living Democrats.

  38. Unknown One

    Bernie's one of the greatest people who have ever lived.
    Having billions under his belt without ever having a real job.
    Using billions of tax payer dollars to fund his mansions, yachts, and God knows what else.
    Bernie is truly one of the smartest guys who have ever lived.

  39. McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

    🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  40. Armando P. Problemas

    OMG!!! So, are you U.S citizens ready to get Biden? I mean, after all, it's RECYCLING time. Why bother with new young fresh blood with a new vision…..THE OLDER THE BETTER, right?

  41. Fred Davis

    Bernie just needs a few days off, remember he took off 30 years

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