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  1. Mario Soto

    For a second there I thought Elliot was talking to Mahatma Ghandi.

  2. Matthew Kirkwood

    Peace love Haaaaapynessss…. if you’re from Maywood you understand lol where was chuck and Cedric? Y’all bogus


    Too many containers . Big mess , big mess

  4. Duncan Pinderhughes

    Damn..I used to always get fries with mild sauce before school at Al's all the time.

  5. davion parks

    I loooove the host lol!!

  6. Full Meddl Jacket

    waaw derricious

  7. Tim S.

    I got Fried rice in San Diego. That was not worth eating. Your fried rice looks delicious.

  8. Rea Diwey

    It's a very big portions of fried rice. Do people there really eat that MUCH portion and eat hot dog and fries afterwards?

  9. Junior Rosado

    Fries are frozen.

  10. Lewis Holder

    I’d be there everyday

  11. NeXusS

    Disliked because of the host

  12. PAW PALS

    Man stop hitting Asian brothers up fo free food yo

  13. Hamza Rabbah


  14. Roger Lawson

    I am a 1972 grad at Proviso East. I also ate at Al's 3-5 days a week. Out of Mr. Joe Carr's Auto Shop class and back in minutes. Going back up there this spring.

  15. Lady Warrior

    He’s so annoying🙃

  16. kuty patooty

    Gosh i want some now

  17. Cole Thornton

    Don't give me a boiled hot dog. I want mine on the grill. OH, and yea, get rid of Tinkerbell. He's awful

  18. Amador Figueroa

    This place fuckin sucks

  19. Everything About Everything

    Racist prick. No wonder yourchannel has no subscribers

  20. Sheena Dēvötchkâ

    The host is arsehole !

  21. ChezthePanda

    As someone who's half Asian, I think I've finally found myself a restaurant that literally was made for me.

  22. ItsWednesday MyDudes

    LoL this guy is getting roasted in the comments


    Tomato’s and pickles don’t belong on a hot dog

  24. -Pipo-

    That presenter is the biggest most annoying asshole I've ever seen.

  25. Patrick Andre

    What's up with the intro
    That's like every other Chinese place here
    Every older Chinese restaurant has a western menu
    You know so they could survive as a business

    Host looks like he's on a list for strangling stray pets in super 8 motel rooms

  26. five bbosh


  27. Cobb Knobbler

    Fuck you Elliot. Fuck you.

  28. squiDZ

    Hopefully they don't have un-authentic orange chicken. That shit triggers me

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