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  1. Shine Music

    ⚡ New Best Music Mix: https://smarturl.it/bestmusicmix2020

  2. XurD

    any game when i play i am playing this music from youtube thank you for sharing!

  3. Le pro du 77

    Trop bien mes un like si tu est d'accord

  4. w t


  5. Luigi

    Love it!

  6. Leon plays piano

    Why is the leaf village symbol backwards?

  7. Wyatt Russell

    I feel old when I listen to this

  8. Ruby Experience

    The pic is soo good that i have used it on my discord acc

  9. Ross Sparks

    Put some music in this ad biiiiitch.

  10. William Aguilar Aguilar


  11. Mareile Goeller

    #ShineMusic Are you an OTAKU?

  12. Honey Tabby Little Cat

    I don't like forkknife anymore

  13. kleiner Fratz

    I like it

  14. Rylan Holmes

    is the pic Kakashi and the nine tailed fox

  15. Merylle Fejer

    Me: sees Kakashi fudge I should see this

  16. Irene Figueroa

    run, run, run as fast as you can, u cant catch me i'm the naruto man

  17. keturah darnell

    2019 anyone

  18. David Rendon

    love cats make another

  19. Things Happen

    Keep it respectful or I'll report your channel to YouTube

  20. gIVE ME dA Rice

    This actually helps

  21. Chantal Walker

    I help make this

  22. Marcus Rosten

    Listening in 2019 anyone?

  23. Cinnabar Student 49

    Can someone please tell me what song is in 34:17

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