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  1. The Anxiety Guy

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  2. Bruce Vecranges

    Hi Dennis what was the trigger for your anxiety

  3. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

    I wanna know if anyone has anxiety fever…like the body heats up a lot and u just sweat a ton…no hypeeventilationnor other symptoms just like a fever..

  4. Paulo Figueroa

    Thanks Dennis, you are helping all the people , thanks to your videos I stopped with the benzodiazepines, come back to yoga , work ,life. My days are challenging, but now I understand that the only way out is trough, accepting ourselves,taking care of the little child inside us , we are Warriors not more victims of our mind, you show us that there is ligth at the other side, not more escaping from irrational phantoms,Thanks for your healing energy🌺🍀🙏🍀🌺

  5. saritha Dsouza

    When one year back I got my first anxiety along with depression I thought this is for life long .. but thank God after reading hope and help for nerves.. and this anxiety guy each episode made me I fit and fine .. .. thanks anxiety guy.. I watched from episode 1 .

  6. Denise Bome

    I really appreciate this, I have listened 3 times now and each time I feel more present and more aware and a bigger impact.

  7. Mateo Om

    Thank you so much. This really helps

  8. Aida Silks

    Every morning I will absorb this beautiful meditation thank you!

  9. Kazooie

    Today is going to be a great day. Thanks, Dennis. ❤

  10. Lyr Archi

    Thank you 🦋 so much

  11. Summondadrummin

    Its not a good video its not a bad video it just is….Thanks useful Dennis

  12. Tonia Girardi

    This is the best hands down meditation for health anxiety. I love it. Thank you Dennis❤

  13. India First

    Sir I feel stomach spasms a lot….what could be the reason? I spasms are so much that I can't concentrate on anything….I have social anxiety disorder also….Plz at least tell the reason…🙏

  14. Anthony Collins

    Excellent tool to continue a recovery journey! People beginning this journey. Be slow and gentle with yourself. Becoming mindful may not happen in just a few days. Or even a few weeks. It took me a couple months to get to a comfortable spot meditating. Just think though. How easy is it living with symptoms and complete chaos in your head? It's not. You have done everything up until now living with that feeling. It hasnt killed you. You will continue this journey. Become repetative with your routines and let things like meditation melt into your life. Stick with it and dont let setbacks destroy your momentum. There is a reason Dennis calls us Warriors. We are! If we can live day in and day out with these feelings. We can also do it while healing ourselves. One moment at a time!

  15. jose padilla

    Thank you Dennis! This is awesome!

  16. Amanda Sparks

    I deserve to be healed ❤️

  17. Nick Peters

    I feel incredibly light after this. So great

  18. B.


  19. Will Scott

    I really enjoy this mapping meditation.

    I would enjoy background music on it. For noise canceling.

  20. Ana Colangeli

    So grateful will listen all the time 🙏

  21. Ken Hammonger

    Thanks bro this help a lot

  22. Finding Awesome

    What an amazing resource! Much gratitude 😊✨✨✨

  23. a raynaud

    Thank you so much Dennis I feel much better 🙏❤ I wish it lasted 1 hour. The best video indeed

  24. Pug Mommy

    I feel myself getting a little better each week with mindfulness, meditation, and acceptance. Thank you, Dennis! Your program, podcasts,and YouTube videos have truly changed my outlook for the better. I Am more than anxiety, I AM a true warrior! To everyone who’s suffering; don’t give up and don’t be hard on yourself! You can do it! ❤️

  25. Kersti Schrijvers

    Thank you 💙💙💙

  26. Angie Wasyliw

    Amazing feeling❤

  27. Sophia Papadopoulos


  28. Sophia Papadopoulos


  29. kendra kahn

    Lovely video thank you 🙏

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