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  1. Vigdis Goldin

    I want to keep my energy positiv, so I go to certain places to that I feel are healthy for mer, and your channel is one of the go to places in my everyday life. Thank you for your intelligent way of living, learning and growing❤️

  2. Molly McNeill

    You two are serious relationship & life goals!!!

  3. Kelly Gibson

    Ahhh love ur channel. Thanx for sharing

  4. Didi Dea

    Сладури! 💖

  5. Rhiannon Della

    Looks so good i wanna try this

  6. Sangye Tenzin

    Really nice 👍

  7. Pon Bon

    It does look so delicious 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing great recipe 💗

  8. Deborah Laukaitis

    Love it! Will make this weekend

  9. Meeka Etienne

    This is perfect! Always looking for new ways to get in my cruciferous veggies.

  10. Phurbu Tsering

    Yummy thanks

  11. sydney ann

    oo one of my favorite smoothies is very similar but i use zucchini and almond milk! i've never thought to use cauliflower though so i'll definitely be trying it now- this looks delicious thank you for the smoothie inspo😍😋

  12. biolnternet

    Kiss your girl, she's better 🙂

  13. Christin Cavanaugh

    I’m curious to try this. It sounds really yummy 😋

  14. holisticmaya

    This looks so delectable!!

  15. Dafne M

    Love that you guys are always going back to my beautiful Costa Rica. 😀

  16. Ella Louise Vlogs

    lovely would love to see more recipes xx

  17. Nadia Barmasse

    Thank you for the recipe, it looks so delicious ❤️🙏 Luna is so cute ❤️

  18. Jazzy DB

    This is like food network quality and I think this is where that should be as well

  19. Kerri Beth

    I am excited to make this. I do want to not use coconut or dates. Reason being, almost every healthy recipe calls for these things. A varied diet is important and diversity helps stave of the development of food allergies. This year I graduated out of 6 dozen deadly allergies I had for 25 years. Through natural eating, yoga, only organic foods, skin care, and home cleaners, meditation, and giving up gluten and dairy, my system has totally reset. Ive done medical skin testing, blood testing, and intradermal tests the last 6 months and the findings are Im allergic to 4 things mildly. Hooray me. Why does every baked good, smoothie, and raw food have dates? I am grateful for your spectacular creation, could you suggest a few substitutes to mix it up?

  20. Dyah Viona

    Cacao powder makes everything good indeed! I love to add it in my coffee or greentea, it's easier for me 🙂

  21. truefuschniken


  22. Berlinda Conti

    Yummy! Who'd have thunk it? xx

  23. MsPerfume25

    Omgmgmgmgm younguys r awesome canf wait to try it!!! Make me some!!! Looks super delicious

  24. T M

    Can’t wait to make this smoothie ! 😋 ❤️

  25. Olja Andreeva

    Вы классные😍

  26. Sparkling Fay

    ❤️❤️❤️😋👌 Always love your happy videos! Amazing recipe! I gotta get some cauliflower!!!

  27. Sv T

    I have a cauliflower in my fridge! Guess who is making a smoothie tonight 😋

  28. naishla

    Y’all are too cute

  29. Rachel Fry

    That looked so delicious! 😍 Can't wait to try it!

  30. Angel

    Y vuestros pies preciosos

  31. Angel

    Dos cuerpos perfectos

  32. Levi Anderson

    My late grandma would make fudge all the time, my sister makes it now. She's pregnant, so I'll be making this healthier option for her. Thanks guys. My favorite smoothie or shake is a banana strawberry blueberry oatmeal shake with greek yogurt and cinnamon.

  33. Joyce van Diejen

    yes yes more of this !!!

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