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  1. Strahinja Milenkovic

    Najbolja muzika ikada koju sam slušao u svom životu . Pozdrav iz Srbije

    The best music ever have ever listen in my life. Greetings from Serbia

  2. Ирина Подшивалова

    Музыка без,, селикона,, и,, гмо,,! Чистый продукт из прекрасного прошлого! Спасибо!

  3. razztazz

    I don't mind ads but interruptions in the middle of every song is too much.

  4. Rosi Angel de Dios

    donde coñ están los títulos de ésta bellas canciones???

  5. Roger's Hobby World

    yesterday was my birthday so I just chilled listening this.

  6. whp61

    Good video, but once again you let yourself down by not having a track list.

  7. Taczylo Taczylo

    Thank you for sharing. I love it so much forever and ever.

  8. 24 karaats

    from early 60 70th to early 80th were the best years of music came
    afterwards just mouths size but good songs from the present (music) is
    not touching earlier

  9. Oswaldo Gomez

    Felicidades es la máquina del tiempo creci y vivo con esas canciones, demasiados recuerdos lo mejor.. gracias

  10. Bözsi Benedicty Józsefné

    I like 60's 70's music! Thank you so much!!!

  11. Brian Mason

    Track list would be so helpful.

  12. Jenő Maier

    Bravo! But the tracklist is missing….

  13. Love Hippies


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