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  1. Joe Blue

    Bianca should of sat out this open to let her body rest. You can clearly see at 2:00 that her right leg or her hip is injured.

  2. T H

    Martens played a fantastic match. They both fought hard with no quit. This is one of those matches that you just hate to see anyone lose.

  3. jay walker

    bianca nice play that black and purple nike top has too much nylon polyester in it too hot where top that is cooler

  4. Cam Grant

    Get that female commentator and Mertens a room stat. She’s in love with every shot. And yet still lost..

  5. Nathan Marchack

    Mertens is a gamer but Andreescu has forgotten how to lose this year. She finds the way to win. Her vs. Osaka is going to be crazy!!!!!

  6. Gabriel Cunha

    Princess Bianca 😍

  7. Trespasser

    5:14 How Bianca saves the set point, is something to marvel at.

  8. Solange Boudreau

    I just love watching Bianca play!!

  9. Nick Audain


  10. preciousjey

    Us open rematch.

  11. Pen Dragon

    These are two of the poorest matches I've watched Bianca play this year. In the first she didn't appear confident or comfortable till after the 2nd game of the 3rd set. This match above, she again didn't appear comfortable, down on herself a lot, making a shit ton of unforced errors and a concerning number of double faults.

    She's hitting way more groundstrokes than she normally does, has been less aggressive cutting the court off, often too deep behind the base line, and her serve at best could be called streaky. She's only attempted three drop shots in 5 entire sets, making two of them. She's not moving with her usual pace and fluidity…

    And there were times when she favored her shoulder between points. There were times when I wondered if she's battling the cold/flu; she did call for Kleenex in this match. She just doesn't look right…

    She is Bianca and found a way to win the important points, but if she doesn't raise her game Osaka is going to steamroll her.

    Now maybe this conservative strategy is part of the coach's plan… using her first two round opponents to prepare for a conservative return game against Osaka, but I don't see it. She's not playing her game and has been unnecessarily tight in situations that don't warrant it.

    She needs to find it again if she hopes on making the Final Four. Right now Osaka, Woz and Barty are all playing better.

  12. Moorish Brooklyn

    Great match. Super good comeback by Bianca.

  13. Pirate Cat

    It's a sad thing that China has a population too small to fill a tennis stadium 🙂
    Where are the prepaid ticket friends of the communist party?
    The stadium looks pretty good though.

  14. Mindy Macready

    Ridiculous how China keep running tournaments with empty stands and zero profitability.

  15. Dim Val's Games

    Both Canadian girls are gorgeous, Bianca and Genie but Bianca is a hell of a great player No one in my eyes she rule these days.!

  16. Alex Urich

    oops I did it again…and she'll do it again and again. She's the best. 16 in a row, who else did this, ever?

  17. Robert Sutherland

    The second time she got Elise. Good show. Elise is an excellent player…best at doubles with Sabalenka. I'd like to see her finish the route. Either Beijing…or win the tour final…or by a stroke of good luck…both. Get them Bianca…and BREATHE…lol

  18. Jeamy Montes

    anyone can be #1 in the world without winning a major so please stop it , she is playing good but lets see how long that last

  19. Jeamy Montes

    talk to me about Bianca when she wins at lease 5 majors

  20. AM

    Adreescu is such a b*tch. Doesn't she know that to scream "come on" on your opponent's unforced errors is not classy? But I suppose classless white trash stays white trash…

  21. Ooi Thaim Seng

    This kid is getting too arrogant. Someone out there needs to teach this kid a lesson and remind her the feeling of losing again

  22. Santy Tenis M

    6:46 Omg wtf was that ? Hahahahah

  23. Leonardo Romualdo

    What a set point saved !!!!!!

  24. Pierre LeBourdais

    Where is the crowd?

  25. Angel's Music

    Bianca Andreescu may be ending the year as N 1 player of the world!

  26. SHOCKER331

    She has the heart of a champion!! A hungry champion!!

  27. beloved child#Godislove

    Such high quality tennis!

  28. beloved child#Godislove

    Wanna c bianca in a new outfit😊

  29. Ulpian Heritor

    Her name is pronounced Andreh. escu. The “e” is pronounced twice. Some English speakers get it right, most don’t.

  30. Lucky

    BRAVO Bianca, bătaie la toate adversarele tale !👊 Fă le praf, să le doară !!🤗✌️👏👍💞

  31. Ayesha Sawa

    Bianca Andreescu😍🎉🎊🤗👍💐my favorite player, it's always fun, entertaining to watch your matches… You are a raising star 🌟🤩

  32. John D.

    A fabulous match by both talented competitors. Bianca's remarkable skill and personality are a perfect match to captivate a nation. China seems to be putting on a great tournament as far as I can tell and the facilities look top level. Only the players know for sure.

  33. Mark Bratton

    When you have Andreescu down 4-1 say, or 5-2, she has you right where she wants you…

  34. Peter Frahm Coaching

    Bianca Andreescu today: Horrible serve percentage, 1000 unforced errors, on top of that Mertens plays like she´s on cocaine in many points, and still 6:3 7:6 for Andreescu.

    Imagine what it would look like if she played well. Kinda like in the first set of the US Open final probably.

  35. Qasim Arshad

    Looking forward to seeing Bianca play Osaka & then maybe Barty. Very interested to see her play either of them

  36. Dave Heyman

    Point of the Match didn't advance to next round !

  37. Derrick Oakes

    The woman commentator was terrible. When Mertens would hit a decent shot she was gushing with WOW, AMAZING. When Andreescu would hit a spectacular shot she was all but silent. Swallow that jagged pill ya miserable b*tch ! lol

  38. Andrés Álvarez

    Andreescu vs Mertens produce exceptionally good matches, the one at the USO was amazing and this one also

  39. florin voloc

    Super Bianca !!!

  40. Kekenutikeke Nuti

    Bravo Bianca tot asa dulce stim ca poti.Esti nemaipomenita.Tu si Simona santeti idolurile mele,va iubesc.Succes.

  41. alexandanu

    Hate these events in China. Venues suck, no one there, & the govt, well it’s a repressive dictatorship.

  42. Raul Fernandez

    Tal cual lo prometido por mí sigo de cerca la carrera tenistica de BIANCA VANESSA ANDREESCU. Aclaro que éste partido no lo veo, simplemente sigo punto por punto mediante una aplicación. Mi breve comentario: En el primer set en los cuatro primeros ganes se quebraron simultáneamente los respectivos saques; luego BIANCA terminó ganándolo por 6-3. En el segundo set, estuvo más difícil para la canadiense, a quien le costaba muchísimo sostener su saque, es tan así que en un momento estaba 1-4. Luego con su jerarquía pudo llegar a un 4-4. El partido se definió en un tiiebreak, dónde Bianca lo ganó 7-5 y de ésta manera pasó a una nueva ronda. Su próxima rival será la estadounidense Jennifer Brady, partido que está programado para el 3 de octubre a las 08:30 (hora de Argentina). Ahí estaré nuevamente alentando a ANDREESCU. Bianca: Te felicito, porque ganaste un partido muy duro frente a la belga Mertens. El saludo afectuoso de TU FAN SEPTUAGENARIO desde Buenos Aires-Argentina.

  43. JDtheDrunk

    Good win. Still dropping serve way too often and not coming out stronger after winning the 1st set

  44. Darksider95

    Remember when the media hyped Bouchard to be the next Canadian it girl in tennis. It went to her head but it's girls like Andreescu that will always come through in the end.

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