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  1. Stephen Duquette

    After a cross court race to the corner and making an awkward lob straight to the opponent , change directions for 1 or 2 steps in a fake and turn back . The opponent will have commuted to the same corner that you just left and you are ready for it or the confusion will cause them to misfire into the net. It's a great strategy for important points !
    It should only be used 50% of the time to throw off your opponent's game.

  2. Real19821

    Brady is good and good points being constructed in this match. Lots of positive in her game. Bianca mixes up the pace so well and is ultimately more consistent. Brady like Keys can hit players off the court.

  3. Khairilanuar Othman

    Thanks Bianca for granting my wish. Love you and Naomi equally. With the deepest mixed feelings l'll welcome the survivor of your quarters against Naomi.
    All the best, to both of you; the two best players on the planet right now.👍👏
    No slight intended, Simona. 😃

  4. Ken Machek

    Andreescu has it all, but most surprisingly is the touch she has on her drop shot. Wow.

  5. Chris Nagle

    Comon B!

  6. Chopper Fok

    I look forward seeing Bianca Andreescu vs Osaka

  7. Kyle Dumont

    You don’t beat Andreescu unless she beats herself she hasn’t done that in awhile

  8. Pen Dragon

    Bianca gets her swagger back.

    If you've read my comment on her Round 2 match versus Mertens, you may recall I felt that the first two matches were Bibi's worst of the year… that she did not look confident or comfortable. She was playing deep, lacked aggression, risking mostly baseliners, and only attempted three drop shots in the entire five sets. Drops take confidence. And she was really getting down on herself with every miss.

    That changed.with this match. She moved freely and fluidly. Deployed her full arsenal. Problem-solved. Hit dialed-in depth. Played with confidence and imagination and aggression throughout… and served consistently for the first time this tournament.

    In fact she carried herself with that downright swagger we haven't seen since the US Open.

    She never lost her will and her fight, her ability to battle through playing poorly. The refuse to lose. But that missing swagger is a big deal if she's to beat anyone real. And her next opponent is the real deal.

    No one has played better than Osaka at China 2019. She's been outstanding. And this is a match-up we've all wanted to see for some time. The two young phenoms, the last two US Open champs, head-to-head heavyweights hammering away on hard court. Should be a f*ckin' beaut.

    Bianc will playing her third in three, Osaka her second in two. Advantage Osaka there too.

    But I would never count Bibi out of any battle. She will surprise Naomi, who hasn't played anything like her. We will see how well Naomi deals with it. As for Bianca, she;s played and beaten the best power player on the planet. She knows how to deal with the Naomis of this world. If her swagger is there, which is what allows her to hit the shots she does, her indomitable will to win will win out,

  9. Raquel Hecht

    Would be nice if the male commentator were less of a cheerleader and more of a commentator. “That’s nice” and “nails it “ just isn’t that interesting. I appreciate the analysis by the female commentator. Wish there was more of it

  10. Informasi

    Osaka vs Andreescu: if both play their best game, Osaka will win.

  11. Eric Tyler Dés Phuong Xin

    why does brady bunch even play… she's no match for the elites

  12. Derek

    finally a WTA player who has consistency

  13. K Dubbs

    I think what boggles my mind is how does a teenager or anybody come back from injury and win that tournament?? And the next?? Like…WOW! Holy..un fookenbelievable

  14. 佐々木苗

    Healing Light Canada is amazing. Both the sports and music worlds seem to be producing more and more super talented people. Canada ´s breakthrough really stands out recently.



  16. Hong Lor Chhong

    Naomi v Bianca this is going to be a good match, i am happy to see either one of them to win. They are both a great player. Good luck.

  17. T Bloopner

    Most impressive about Andreescu, she seems to have unlimited mental resources. Under pressure, she always seems to find the right shot at the right time

  18. Lincoln Eyar

    Her drop shots are very well-placed. I think that will be big trouble for Osaka.

  19. souris verte

    awesome awesome

  20. cheajna

    Felicitari Bianca! Esti tare.

  21. Kal Ab

    Osaka has the game to defeat Bianca… but Bianca seems to find a way to win against the top players … since I’m from Bianca’s hometown of Mississauga I’ll pick her to win in 3 sets.

  22. Moorish Brooklyn

    Bianca is on an amazing winning streak.

  23. HZ Yan

    I like her smile and her attitude. The rising star will be the next queen of WTA.

  24. Bill T

    Am I a traitor if I'm an American rooting for Andreescu?

  25. Rolando Reyes

    If Bianca brings her 'A' game and Naomi brings her 'A' game, whose 'A' game will prevail?

  26. Connie B

    She’s playing her best tennis. Let’s see how long Bianca A. Can maintain the excellence.

  27. Kathy Dinh

    Bianca all the way 🥰😘😘😍🌹👌👌👍🏼👍🏼two best of the best in QF , go Bianca go xoxo

  28. Trespasser

    Bianca sometimes moves so beautifully when coming towards the net to hit a forehand, or when she jumps to hit the ball early.. she looks so athletic. It will be great to watch her and Naomi face to face.

  29. Gseric47

    Great job on Brady getting to the 3rd round in a tourney like this 👏👏.

  30. jay walker

    bibi = boom boom jamieoklahoma

  31. Olatoye Gureje

    Is this showing on dstv?

  32. Olatoye Gureje

    Is this showing on dstv?

  33. Joshua Jackson

    Players have gone on 20 plus win streaks. Let’s see if she can join some greats. Best wishes

  34. Victoria López

    looking forward to Osaka vs Andreescu's match

  35. Hiroki Mori

    Brady surprised us here to challenge Andreescu, beating Anisimova & Keys! She's a qualifier (so was in Wuhan). A nice her Asian tour collided with a huge Canadian wall. The world number 6 was too much, of a different class. Even so, she showed why she survived till today. Overall, a nice game!

  36. ramon vidal

    Juega bien esta chica, ademas de muy linda ❤ ojalas siga ganando y escalando puestos, Es jovencita asi que tiene carrera para rato.

  37. dolly seguin

    I like the way she walke Bianca very confident. …. like get out from here😂

  38. Out Of Time

    I can't wait to see Bianca kick Naomi's behind.

  39. Dave Heyman

    Bianca's Coach reminds me of Darryl Sutter. World stage big time.

  40. Out Of Time


  41. Out Of Time

    I just love Bianca. She is soo consistent and her style of play is her own. Watch out tennis world, the Queen is here.

  42. Heart of Dixie

    Well done Bianca

  43. Scum Villainy

    Great highlights 😊👍

  44. Scum Villainy

    That pirouette tho

  45. filmeseverin

    Bianca is the best! Very soon the world #1

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