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  1. Dreams

    King 👑👑

  2. Dreams

    I miss 😢😢😢😢😢

  3. Fatima Medah

    Le song m/v 13 avril 2011

  4. ƙἶო հօʂεօƙ

    July 2019 ?

  5. zcreto

    8 years ago …

  6. keikomiffy


  7. Noni-Ayanna Gobern-Roach

    These dislikes must be because of all the media hype bc this song is still awesome. lol

  8. Miema GDstan

    (10/7/2019) 52,938,550 M views

  9. Usman barbershop capter

    2019 10 juli..msih ada kah yg liat

  10. Hirah Chua

    BIGBANG Fighting!

  11. Green Lady_VIP

    The reason i love this song because of t.o.p voice in the beginning 😍😍😍😍.. damn so sexy

  12. jungshook

    Daesungs vocals are so beautiful

  13. jungshook

    The chorus is so good

  14. GOT7 with IGOT7 *Aicha*

    Ugh the time when i had an mp3 and had all of big bang's songs in it. Monster was my fav big bang song and it is still omg

  15. 처음

    지드래곤,탑,승리는 싫지만 빅뱅은 좋다….학창시절 추억도 생각난다…노래는 듣는거 그 이상의 행복을 가져다준다…

  16. Kim Yarmmarny


  17. Winnie Ho

    when BB are using the so-called coolest video editing now in 2011.

  18. Bet V

    2020 who is here??

  19. 카리찌

  20. Chun

    It's been a trying half year. I miss them so much 😢😢😢

  21. A MA

    5 forever

  22. azura Marz

    What the hell with those dislike

  23. Blink Đỗ


  24. Gabrella Evanustin

    I love you bigbang…. Please bring back seungri😭😭😭😭 anyone 2019???

  25. Tiara Maisy

    Who's 2019 still watching this song??

  26. LY

    a whole mood😌

  27. 허 허


  28. Dian Nurdiansyah

    From indonesia like✋

  29. Miema GDstan

    (2/7/2019) 52,891,187 M views

  30. risma dwi k

    July 2019

  31. Sung K


  32. keikomiffy


  33. lilixxx nxo

    Kpop is so blessed to have big bang. Big bang totally changed all the trend of kpop. King of kpop

  34. mameaow mameaow

    ชอบกางเกงลุง ของจีอ่ะ #BIGBANG #GD #GD

  35. Aliung Senior

    I love this love song… Please people who love it give me like to know how many love this song.. Thx for like 🙋🙏

  36. Sammy X

    Anyone else revisiting old Big Bang videos after Seungri's scandal?

  37. olivia priskha


  38. KDY YG Stan

    OLD BUT GOLD !!!
    I Miss you guy so much !!!

  39. ルキ澪。


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