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  1. Ian Farr-Wharton

    Nothing new here, Bill is talking about 10 year old stuff..

  2. B Dumais

    Either he never got the progection or he doesnt care about being the face of capitalist profibility he s not even mad enough and apple is being some weird money absurd religion is his hate

  3. Patrick

    I'm exicited for this book 😍❤️

  4. B Dumais

    Americas nuclear problem as a gold mine still cant build a plant .. i wonder if he s sweating from all of it they ordered before they got bum fffted

  5. Jaden Jahci

    His hair dresser is who?
    And how much does his hair dresser charge for a "cut and blow"?…Just Under a Mill'?
    Best Wishes,
    Full Exposure's Coce'd Up Crotch

  6. Ray Walker

    Could not listen to this.. The interviewer is an idiot.

  7. Fr18Nietzsche44ed

    Elon Musk Watching this: Ha, I'll build a grid around the world…with tunnels…that expand, contract, and morph to the movement of earths tectonic plates.

  8. suraj amom

    Smart mind!!!!!!

  9. Indie Fury

    People with more than 2 kids should pay more taxes. Single people dont pollute becaus they don’t populate . More cows because of fat people and fat families

  10. 251omega

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  11. TOMZOR

    Why is Bloomberg blocked by CN firewall?


    i can be like bill

  13. rahul minan

    Finally we gonna get to dive in bills mind through his book. super exited!!

  14. TruthSeeker4Life

    Bill Gates is a fraud. He would gladly kill off half the population and still propose a carbon tax.

  15. gi s


  16. Krishna Raj Bastola


  17. Hermit Crab

    Bill Gates is a true human being, a true internationalist.

  18. 明儒林

    who has the most Extreme racism……..that's the one who launches Rejuvenation based on Racial… China for sure…

  19. J. Milton Jeffreys

    Gates is a cunt. he's just trying to make money off his energy investments

  20. JD Brinton

    That gala dinner schedule update cost bill $65,000 of his time.

  21. 明儒林

    Should Not with China no matter how……..

  22. Trevor Fargo

    "I don't care about my money" lol you can definitely say that when you can't help getting back to the richest person on earth.

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