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  1. result Setan

    16k dislike from westlife fans

  2. Mountain Life

    Hilarious these guys are pretending they like puss.

  3. KaidaFly

    Sebastian Smythe/Grant Gustin anyone XD

  4. gregjbaldwin

    I wish my mechanics would dance and sing like that

  5. Stephanie Doyle

    My favorite song as a kid LUV IT!!!!😁😁😍😍

  6. Fred-Dad Krueger

    "I need to change the oil filter"… 3 other guys repeat the diagnostics on different levels behind my back

  7. Lynzi M

    Every time I go to a car dealership the workers better be singing this or else I'm suing lol

  8. Joe S

    This song is the reason why mechanics now get paid by piece work today rather than per hour like back in the day

  9. Jaden339

    Uptown girls are pricey I see ok.

    Downtown chicks!

  10. nat

    my sweet bill is high

  11. xbittersweet

    2:35 Michael Jackson has entered the chat

  12. Emma Stitch

    What is happening with the girls body in the photo in the beginning?

  13. Gemma Willows

    I really like 2:18 to 2:30 😘😏☺

  14. Man Plan

    0:13 when mechanics find cocaine in the car.

  15. 8Rincewind

    Did anyone else think this was a Westlife original?

  16. 19ninty9 lee

    funny video,nice song

  17. Prince Vaga

    Rip choreography 2:18 to 2:28

  18. NerDocs Sound

    Now i know why my car never done..

  19. Itsya Boi

    Dislikes are from man haters

  20. Kathy

    This song is okay but Christie Brinkley is a stuck up snooty snotty old lady now. She blocked me on Instagram because she made a post about illegal immigrants and I didn't agree with her. Celebrities need to stop posting about politics if they can't handle differing opinions and they also need to just get back to entertaining and bringing joy to people. I was on her Instagram page because she was famous in the 80s/90s when I grew up and one of my favorite movies is National Lampoon's Vacation. If she doesn't want the public to comment on her comments she should not make comments. I can understand if somebody was cussing or being nasty or whatever, but to block a fan (now ex fan) due to them not agreeing with you %100 is RIDICULOUS and that is why celebs should stop being so political on social media. Celebrities used to bring joy and entertainment to people and now all they do is bring hate and selfishness and snottyness.

  21. Andrea Patricia Crowley

    Maaan this guy reminds me of my uncle Christian but the girl looks fantastic, really stunning woman. Imagine living somewhere guys are random and there's a girl like that.. I totally love this song,one of the only songs of Billy which is not so chauvinistic. Probably after that he got dissapointed with girls because this is one of the few which praise ladies the most ,even if all his songs are fabulous.

  22. The Tea Reacts

    why does this remind me of Grease

  23. Bruce Wayne

    2019! I miss the 70s 80s 90s 2000-2010 now it's just feels dull…

  24. Stephine Jose

    Thought this song is from westlife.

  25. laura michener

    mcintosh county central coast Brory

  26. Matthew PLATZ

    He just went Rob Schneider to me. The song is still excellent.

  27. nitakate 49

    And the next 2 blocks is Michael Jackson and Thriller 😉

  28. Get Jinxed

    The songs that they made during my parents' time is definitely better than the songs they make today. I'm 17 btw.

  29. Binara Tirath

    1:29 So Christian Bale is a time traveller……

  30. Dexter Valentino

    I played this on my crush, now she is my uptown girl.

  31. Samy Samos

    i have a feeling that these guys aren't real mechanics

  32. agnelanna heavens

    petuniaclark downtown girls says its best when I taught marky to walk on flooring iron beams like balance beamhighwire

  33. agnelanna heavens

    Crawford station elktown brandon lee

  34. Анька


  35. JongJonz

    So this what Mechanics do.

  36. Jhony Gomez

    Que buenos gustos tenia mi abuelo :')

  37. blacktytrix

    Yeah,but can you fix my shit before you sing? Rofl

  38. Olivia Caldwell

    Who’s here from the Boba song?

  39. Phil T

    Anyone else love it at 2:18 where the throaty roars and lights shine from the motorbikes?

  40. George Cook

    The 80s were probably just so fun to live in

  41. Mary Keller

    My daughter Loved this song so much I remember her asking me when she was just a kid, she said hay mom what's the name of this song and who does it once I told her she wanted me to to keep playing it.miss you Sarah very much,mema is there with you now and I will see you all again!RIP SARAH KELLER Love MOM.❤️💧

  42. Clara Skov

    Lol am i the only 13 year old here?😂

  43. kripan art

    How did i come across this but hey its nice

  44. J 707

    Who agrees, that this music video is better than any of today's music videos? 🤗

  45. Fernanda Pedrotti-Ebenberger

    Dio mio

  46. Sylvia Stallion

    I love your music I'm 51

  47. Sylvia Stallion

    I'm in love with Kenny Chesney. We are engaged

  48. NotPickle

    𝕍𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕠 ℚ𝕦𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕪: 144𝕡

    𝕊𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕕 ℚ𝕦𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕪: 4𝕂

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