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  1. Nate Vickers

    Thanks for having me sing on this track for you!

  2. harus gacha red

    R.I.P billy

  3. Xxdoux on Roblox

    Sounds like a real song not a parody!

  4. Alyssa Bennett

    What is the original song

  5. Eleven- Mike

    I love him ❤️🥺🥺🥺❤️


    I already forgave him when he died he is my favourite character from stranger things

  7. Ashlyann Delgado Lopez

    T love billy i am sad

  8. Snorlax Use BEELLY FIOP

    I love this song his voice is the best👌👌👌👌👍

  9. Kaitlyn Chigas

    Please make a 1 hour version

  10. Dead Wallter

    Капздец я переслушиваю эту песню раз за разом песня ахриненная

  11. Dark anti

    Please do a Reddie love song

  12. Ella Mellor

    RIP billy

  13. Stitches Friends

    What is this song…lOVE IT 👇🏼

  14. dog lover

    I fell like on season 4 they should have a ritual to bring billy back from his death

  15. Joe Allred

    song to short

  16. Joe Allred

    song to short

  17. Brady Galloway


  18. Killer Stalker


  19. Yanisu J.B. Bucciarati

    I cry so much guys

  20. Billy Hargrove

    Spell Billy Hargrove with ur eyes closed

    Mr Steal Ur Mom

  21. Teri the berry

    Do demogorgan next

  22. Christina Scheller

    RIP Billy

  23. killergamer setecie

    Please Eddie from it 2 😰😰😰😰

  24. milli brown

    This is most favorite song

  25. Felisa Gomez gutietrez

    do a Will song or a reddie song!!!😘

  26. I Like To MEME

    Man, I had forgotten how sad the ending was . . .

  27. chelo rojo

    Please i need suzie sing a song ¿Im the one who say it?

  28. Lisa Eldarova

    I’ve been waiting so long for Billy’s song ….it’s PERFECT!!!!

    ,,Please forgive Billy”
    We will honey…we will

  29. alemayehu tessema

    omg aaron and his friends work so hard best youtuber a song a day for a month!?!?! Geez do u care about ur fans ur the best!!

  30. lb9988

    Beautiful.. absolutely beautiful 👏

  31. Emily Roblox

    His smile 😢😭😭 rip 0:49

  32. I am a Stupid 9 yr old

    There is a fact for y'all that:
    Did you know that Before Netflix accepted Stranger Things, it was rejected by 15 other movie companies

  33. SuperManCat Gamer

    Will sings a song part 3
    And Johnathan sings a song part 2

  34. Fox Fox

    This is the best music thing I’ve heard

  35. Kauaokalani Boy Keliikipi-Dizon

    Alexi died happy Billy died trying to save eleven

  36. Onion Bae1000

    I would love if he focused on the emotional aspect between max and billy or el and billy more rather than this. I usually really like his songs but this one just wasn’t as good.

  37. Nouhad Aferdi

    Henry it

  38. Nouhad Aferdi

    Billy mind flare

  39. Godzilla 2020

    Please do a godzilla sings a song

  40. Waylon n Mike's variety channel

    I think I smashed the like button to much on your songs it broke

  41. Jessica Moore

    I think i cried for 3 days after billy and hoppers death

  42. Hack Fish

    this deserves way more likes

  43. alemayehu tessema

    1 hour

  44. Malachi Hurst

    I love this song can’t stop listening to it

  45. Elijah Hedgemond

    This is an awesome song parody.
    It’s also really sad though, I really don’t believe he’s gone, at least I hope he’s not.
    If 11 is really this powerful, she could technically bring people back from the dead if she so chooses to, they would just have to write that in the series to allow her to do it.
    I really hope they do, because while Billy‘s death was heroic, he didn’t deserve to die.
    It’s just really sad!
    Anyone like this comment if you agree with everything I’m saying.

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