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  1. Ajay Jaat

    Sir Hallucination k piche scientifically reason kya hota ha

  2. Lily Verma


  3. Tarun Thakur

    Thank you Sir 🙂 😊

  4. Uday Shankar

    Ring work

  5. Nazi Hussain


  6. Mohini yadav

    Sir sabse pahle excreta mai ye bacteria kaise aya??

  7. Arunaditya Nayak

    most common fungal diseases in human – ring worm , athletes foot

  8. Yusuf Yuhani

    sir plant kingdom ko assinged task mat dijiyega new record kijiyega plz

  9. Manish Chaudhary

    Sir i used to see all the lectures of urs but I'm not your official commonado but after selection can I meet with u and can i join your whatsapp group after getting AIR rank

  10. Arpita Roy

    sir salmonella typhea – peritrichous

  11. Arun Jdodwal

    Most common fungal disease is Ringworm.


    Feel ☺️☺️😊 look like a doctor👨🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️💯💯💯💯⚕️⚕️⚕️
    Thank you sir 🙏👨‍🏫

  13. Monisha Singh

    ringworm infection

  14. Sufia Sadique

    Sir when will you upload next lecture of biological classification class 11 ?
    Sir pllz reply 🙄

  15. Bulbul Thakur

    Thank you sir

  16. Pratiksh Bhattacharyaa

    Ring worm

  17. muskan saxena

    Most common fungal disease – Ringworm

  18. muskan saxena

    Thankyou so much sir 😇🙏❤

  19. Alka Khandekar

    Sir m Loud sound se bht irritated feel krti hu even mixer ya TV ka volume bhi agr jada ho to m bht uncomfortable ho jati hu. .. Headache hone lgta hai is it normal? ??

  20. Sajib Ray

    Most common fungal disease in human being is= Ringworms

  21. R K, Singrauli mp

    Salmonela typhaei-peritrichous

  22. Mr. Unique

    Fungal infection

  23. Bulbul Thakur

    Fungal disease= ring worm

  24. R K, Singrauli mp


  25. Mukesh Ambani

    Ringworm fungal infection

  26. Ishteyak Ahamad

    Sir I think this is old lacture sayad bcoz many points to match oldest points


    Ringworm is the most common infectious disease

  28. Imrantagalanisu Nisu

    Ring worm

  29. Rozi medico

    Sir mujhe in one year 3times typhoid hua hai to Kya Mai bhi carrior Hu typhoid ki sir mujhe ho to koi baat nahi par Meri wajah se other persion ko hoga ye bahut bura lag Raha hai

  30. Dr Anukumari Thakur

    Salmonella typhi is peritrichous it means flagella present all over the body

  31. Dr Anukumari Thakur

    11:30 most common fungal disease is ringworm and athlete disease

  32. Rishika Agrawal


  33. Diksha Verma

    Peritricous salmonella typhi

  34. Deepak Kumar

    Robert koch = founder of microbiology

  35. Nitish Chakravarty

    Most common fungal disease- Ring worm

  36. Bhavana Prasad


  37. Deepak Kumar

    Ringworm fungal disease

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