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  1. Tetsuo goya

    wat? Your down wit those murders we going 4 ours.trading places

  2. Tetsuo goya

    black gangster by donald goines namean?

  3. Tetsuo goya

    The resirection Jesus christ namean

  4. Mike Rivers

    Youngsta on that young dro drip

  5. Detroit Eastside 313


  6. jerail carter


  7. 0% sex, twerk or nudity

    100% talent, dance, great voice

  8. Bj Bo Jackson

    Dam youngsta you gasing on this one💯

  9. JasonTheWorldisYours

    This beat is 🔥


  10. Danger Perfection

    Ian Gon Lie Wen I Got That Call Dey Killed My Brother I felt like I Died💯😫😔 Facts 💯Long Live Keith 💨💨💨

  11. Fox

    Nigga you fell off…

  12. Yhundi Shawd

    Let me buy that blazer..CHESS NOT checkers

  13. Brandon Jones

    Shoot the blinkers out yo car‼️

  14. T A V O ALI

    Bruh the video made me feel how the song made me feel so hell yea MASTERPIECE

  15. brian smith

    Every song on point especially court room

  16. Andresito El dominicano De Jesus

    Dominican Republic at home 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  17. Lienell Henderson

    I C U… U Know the Spirit of God Is With You
    Pharaoh Oni
    God Bless

  18. Drua Gaming

    Ain’t got a choice on if I wanna click . Cause every song I feel.

  19. Brother Zion

    Keep putting in that wrk Blac Youngsta, its paying off. Stay focused building your brand and dont forget your peps, B-1…

  20. Sandra White

    Man I feel this so much frfr

  21. Sharmaine Tiggs

    I actually like this song 🔥🔥💜

  22. LollyTheG

    song too hard !

  23. Montez Lewis

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    I need 1k y’all check🔥🔥

  25. joshua roach

    U made the words 40 and thirty sound so 😥 sad. Great job. Real niggas always wait on raw. Trapp. Sound. Gangsta. Muzic. Stay up. Long live T.D. and Ronnie B. I GOT THIS VEDIO ON REPEAT JUST LIKE ALL YO SONGS LIKE HEAVY. LEFT. ND THE REST

  26. Barry Gibson

    Didn't feel this cat at first. But now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Quinn Mcdade

    This my shit

  28. jplay 13 Mjay

    Prech my guy 💪💪👂🗣️👌 world wide



  30. Kentrale Jackson


  31. John Doe

    IDGAF what nobody got to say bout youngsta he smart and running this rap game shit right now

  32. Moneyman2287YT

    I definitely feel this shit blac youngsta been going crazy on them tracks tho

  33. New Trucker Marv HighMiles

    Younsta proving he got that rap shit.He step it up for real!!

  34. tazhq

    “They killt my hitta, my brudda, my whoadie….

    “Got me sittn by da window wit my 40yyyyy

  35. Davonni Jackson

    Thank You Mr. Blac Youngsta…..ya made me kry fool

  36. Davonni Jackson

    SuuuuuPA Aktive!!!!! BSIP BoolAid2 Dusty2 Jungle girl Gnutt3k Tiny M Nightmare cellBlock ck1 JB….. I’m still trying to JS wit y’all…..Free BoolAid1….. Dice2 and my solid Keways on Level 4s on tha yard every first unlock….. I can’t free everyone at once But thanks everyone OG for teaching me Pinochle…..y’all made me…..Asante Sanna…..V11673…..87712 from Gladiator School…..Mayham2&3…..Shit2…..CeCe Loco…..Long Live Diamond 3 from Mansfield….. Free my nigga Tut from Mansfield…..Moooooving…..That Way!!!!!

  37. Jason Pewritt


  38. Chato Solomon

    This beat sound so familiar

  39. James Gray


  40. automatic slim1027

    Momma said join the illuminati and sacrifice my bruddas

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