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  1. nkunani nkuna

    It's a hit,,, Usher sounds a bit like J something of Micasa in this song.

  2. Zone Mixes

    Jealous down 👎 Black Coffee & Usher are bringing in hit 🔥

    Like if you APPROVE this song & sing Lalala Lalala Lalala

  3. Zone into SA House Music

    Jealous down 👎 Black Coffee & Usher have produced a track ahead of its time 🔥
    Say LaLaLa LaLaLa LaLaLa if you believe Black Coffee is taking SA to the top
    S/O to all AFRICANS for supporting BLACK COFFEE for his authenticity!!!

  4. Lianta.Teniele[lannyltp] P

    This beat it already speaking to me… Love it.. #RealBlackCoffee

  5. Anthony Benjamin

    If this doesn't reach 50 million views soon, YouTube needs to shut down. Black Coffee & Usher? What a combo…

  6. DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    Great collab

  7. sbo ntuli

    Phaphamani Secondary approves…

  8. William Papiki

    Z.A where you at?

  9. az Mostafa

    Usher is inspiring us again

  10. Thabani Khetho Dlamini

    As we welcoming summer black coffee is bringing fire

  11. Rack elle


  12. Kanya


  13. I_ S

    That guitar ❤️

  14. Lereko Motseko


  15. Qedusizi Mthembu

    Aibo what's wrong with Black coffee now

  16. Anvitha Nidmar

    She's so talented but just needs attention attention
    Listen to Soul in me- Anvitha Nidmar ft.Fabian Fry by Anvitha Nidmar on #SoundCloud

  17. Hiper Davols

    Am from South Africa I came here for Black Coffee, He didn't disappoint

  18. Matsepe Innocent

    It seems like Coffee has lost his culture. We need AfroSoul, DeepHouse, etc which we listened for at least 7min. Not this 3min song

  19. DJ WaCkoBW

    Usher, is this one more African for you? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  20. ринат тютин

    музыка супер, классный певец, а видео гавно

  21. Bachelor Suite

    The Black Coffee band brought me here

  22. khusi myeni

    Amazing…top track…!

  23. Ilam Amri

    Ayaaaaa trop bon 😋…👍🎶🎶🎶👍👍💋💋💋

  24. Innocent Mohale

    Mara this man he can features any one

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