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  1. monkydoll welcomen welcomen! 93


  2. Anuranan Boro

    this song matches my current situation.anyone else who feel me.

  3. riva ree

    I think it was post malone songs

  4. IBeezSoCrazie

    This was randomly on my recommended list and I watched/listened to it and wow… I love it. Any of you fans wanna help me out? Give me your top 5 songs by him, I want to check out more of his music.

  5. Ega Novita

    – Low budget vid☑️
    – Big budget vid☑️

  6. Kori Kamau


  7. riley bee

    this song fueled ALOT of not so good decisions

  8. Directioner Forever

    I'm too poor to watch this

  9. Sydnee Rhoads

    This is super late 90's, early 2000's music videos

  10. Vitor T.

    It has a 2k10 vibe

  11. Dazzling Genz

    The fun and cutest video of them all. YES FUNN 👏🥳💕

  12. Hani

    the message hits hard !!

  13. Ethereal Babe

    He’s so cuuuute

  14. zelda65 fortnite!!!

    Tik tok 2019

  15. iiiChlxe X

    me: UHM EXUSE me does anyone NOT notice the best dude is singing rn like fr bish get some help

  16. Gravitation3Beatles3

    you dress like a soundcloud rapper but in a good way

  17. Jameshia Concrete

    I have this song on my Spotify Playlist…its called 2 if anyone wanna follow it..on Spotify.

  18. Novas Dose


  19. Ky Gaia

    Fuck you and you and you~


    Subscribe to me bad bitches 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾😍😍

  21. Abida Rahayu

    Dope ⚡️

  22. Brixx Official

    Bear… I think what we all want and need in life is an ep filled w/ the style of “Teenage Waste”. Artist to artist I love all of your music as a whole and strive to grow the correct way as you did in the industry. Anyway I’m sure all fellow cubs will agree this is a very well done vid glad you put a higher budget movie out 💫🤘🏼

  23. Toxic Avenger

    Who else is here and is confused ahhaha

  24. Nutsack Ninja6921

    Way better

  25. Catherine H

    Matt’s so hot

  26. Christophër

    Hot girl BOomEr

  27. Do Huong

    Big bugdet and we even get subtitles

  28. Manar Huwieh

    I been waiting for this video ahhaha

  29. SuggBoat

    Where was all the budget spent?

  30. chocolatechip410

    I vibe with the verse college drop out music because…I'm honestly about to call it quits 😭

  31. Kat Ma

    This music video was made In my birthday!

  32. Chris Anon

    Not my taste, but this song sounds so good. Amazing job. New listener.

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