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  1. Adrenal Disease Awareness -Malisha Fuller

    There's more in it than Vitamin C. Also has Omega Vitamins and Ect

  2. Biz Diva

    I hope that people realize that you are confused. You have been taking Black cumin seed oil, which was found King Tut's tomb in Africa. You are confusing Black Cumin Seed Oil with Black Currant and they are not the same. Currants grow like grapes.

  3. Piotr Ciempka

    Black cumin and black currant are two DIFFERENT things.

  4. Rebecca Mcalpin

    Please fix this black seed oil and black currant oil are two totally different oils.

  5. StrawberryQwik

    Black cumin and black currant are two DIFFERENT things.

  6. EricaYE6

    This sounds like a sales pitch. lol Just kidding. Which is a better "cure-all"? Black seed oil or colloidal silver?

  7. Geraldine McArdle

    Blackseed oil by blessed seed is best

  8. John Tokarski

    How much do you take a day?

  9. Ed Smith

    Sorry, had to give a thumbs down. I grow both the annual short weed type plant that produces a single flower with a large seed pod full of black seed. The same that was found in King Tut's tomb, not china. I also grow the cane type shrub , genus Ribe which is a currant. Black, red and white fruit growing in racimes, like grape clusters with each berry the size of a small blueberry. The plant grows wild in the United States yet they outlawed importing the plants due to a disease called Pine Blister Rust. Recently it was found that the reason for outlawing was for protecting the pine forests which will not contract this disease from the currant plants. Black currant juice is also a super food with many nutrients and very popular in New Zeland and Europe and gaining popularity in the US. You stated you have done the research yet google shows both plants and lots of information about them and there benefits. Good luck to you sir.


    Yehovah/Yahweh our Elohim, …"bring forth "grass" marijuana, the herb yielding seed after his kind "black seed, clove, ect.", and "fruit tree yielding fruit", pine, apples, lemon, wintegreen trees, ect. whose seed is in itself upon the earth"…Genesis 1:11-13, created it on the 3rd day, of creation…Praise our High, Holy Elohim…He does all things well…shalom  emp. mine

  11. Flapperjaw

    The bottle that you held up is Black Cumin Seed ( Nigella Sativa) , which is different from Black Currant Seed oil ( which contains GLA, similar to Primrose Oil )

  12. peace

    You stupid this is not chinese this is islamic medicine

  13. Sophielove1

    I thought this was different from black currant seed oil.

  14. Faylin Scott

    love the information about black currants oil but can it be home made

  15. Amor Food ❤🍴

    I felt so much better when i was taking this oil. As soon as i can afford it I'll be taking it daily again.

  16. Debra Milton

    It seems often that when you find a product that rids the body of inflammation it rids the body of many problems.  It's like the domino effect, knock one down and the rest follow.

  17. Craigs List

    syyenergy7 you rock man love the tips you give for these hard to find supplements.  Keep up the great videos!

    I have Chaga for the next 2 years ordered a ton and swapped out my coffee drinking for CHAGA….


    Thank you.

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