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  1. NorthernStal The famously unknown penguin

    Real life toph beifong fellows!

  2. MegF

    Hard for me to imagine because I use my sight so much as my primary sense. She inspires me to use more of my senses each day.

  3. awsmcommentsquad

    Stay out of hong Kong!!

  4. bo Ping


  5. Miku meow

    I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to do what she's doing, by herself. Especially the scene at 2:02 most demonstrable, not knowing how to speak korean, being discriminated, in an extremely crowded place, with people sitting at tables literally next to you that could knock over, all the whilst trying to get a simple request like trying to get some rice cake to convince yourself you're happy. I can imagine even when she's sat down with that ricecake, she'd still be distraught on the inside, like she smile she seems forced to me at 2:27. I, would feel those things, at least. Mad respects. I hope she gets a partner who'll love her and travel with her to make her life a billion fold better and brighter.

  6. Erick Palacios

    I hope someone tells her, that she's an inspiration to people halfway across the world in Canada!

  7. Chinese Cannabis Party CCP

    Although she's blind but she can see more brightly and clearly than most of the HKers

  8. Sam Too

    I have open angle glucoma.

  9. Eps ரசிகன்

    We are very glad to welcome your beloved Chinese president Mr. Xi jinping to mamallapuram chennai india

  10. Eris Young

    Blind HK teenagers determined to be zombies, brain washed into just having the need to smash some travel infrastructure.

  11. Tanah Merah

    Such positive attitude is admirable.

  12. House of M

    Curious where she her get income togo in Korea.

  13. Coin Stalker 224

    I hope she get hers own eyes back

  14. XNarutoNineTaleFoxX


  15. David Evans

    So…..would that make her Han Solo ?

  16. Ilsunny Lo

    Brave woman. So awesome.

  17. jason okwaho

    May Allah bless her and give her the best in this life and the next.

  18. Loli4lyf

    So what's the point of travelling around the world if you can't see them

  19. goa clean

    wow… she is strong

  20. Sang Mach

    She is a HERO

  21. COOKIE run

    I hate when people treat them so badly.. Defukkk

  22. World Peace

    It's not impossible, it's just risky.
    But feel free to do it, many people also love doing risky stuff to have some fun.
    But make sure to minimize the risk as much as possible,

  23. Asthen Yukimori

    I am more impressed blind people can use smartphone, I think what the voice assistant can do is limited right now, but she can tap and write like nothing.

  24. Slowlikehoney Too

    Be fearless and kind, we only have one life so taking chances will lead you on your journey.🍁

  25. cocolola007


  26. Mo Cuishle

    She will definitely be able to see again, there will be technologies created to fully cure blindness. Her positive attitude is her best gift which will lead her go through this temporary darkness till the technology comes in.

  27. Nishan Sunuwar

    It is the people who we think don't have hope is having hope and are strong and same side its the people who we think is strong is becoming ng hopeless its about what you believe its now what you look.

  28. Gordon Scott

    Her eyes see more than most. She's an inspiration for sure.

  29. --

    How she shares her travelling journey to the internet? Guess there is another person who takes the camera and record her around as they travel together?

  30. Al king

    Such an inspiration, makes my problems seem so insignificant!

  31. BigGeno

    Huge fan of hers! Keep going!

  32. Elaine Evans

    I'd rather commit suicide than be blind. I just couldn't live anymore.

  33. Wambert

    Try to be the eyes of those that are blind if you notice so they have a pair to watch over them when they brave the world out there.

  34. Joon Chang

    wow she's so brave and a poet

  35. SilverBear

    I see blind people going about their business everywhere in Korea.

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