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  1. Unmortis Primordial

    Where are guitars? It feels like a soundtrack album. I want my riffs and solos.

  2. Arsenal N.I

    Would be better and more epic with the guitars and drums in my opinion, could've been there best album yet. But sad to say I'm abit disappointed.

  3. Jared Schmeck

    Absolutely incredible album. Cant stop listening!

  4. Rafael Marques

    Desculpem, mas achei bem entediante. O ultimo álbum deles que gostei mesmo foi o Night at the Opera. Depois disso decaiu bastante.

  5. Darkness official

    What is it with progressive Power Metal Bands and Orchestra? First Savatage and now Blind Guardian. (No Critique, I love this)

  6. Dexter Mayhew

    Que bosta, só virjao pra gostar desse tipo de coisa…

  7. Júlia Mara Silva

    PERFECTION! I hope you guys come to Brazil!

  8. Lord Abi

    Exceptional! o.o

  9. thtree

    Wow this is great. Been a fan for almost 25 years and tbh I wasn't really sure about this, but it totally blew me away in a good way. Can't wait to hear the whole album!

  10. A Wolves Life

    In a time, where nearly every Metal album sounds like the other Metal album, Blind Guardian makes the most "metal" album that has been possible. Still everyone keeps asking, where the Metal is.
    Blind Guardian where there for nearly 40 years, and they still try to find new ways to specify their kind of Art and music. Folks, this album is pure. This album is big. This Album IS metal. Enjoy this piece of Art, because Heavy Metal is still alive.

  11. Ivo Costa

    This is a Blind Guardian Song or a Walt Disney Movie Song? Blind Guardian is using too much orchestra is his albun.

  12. Raúl Pe

    Blind Guardian: el Musical

  13. Samfekt

    I can hear drums and guitar that is not here x )

  14. GeoffSaari

    This cured my cancer

  15. Josue Metalhellix

    This is epic!

  16. Wayne Hasch

    If there are any metal fans who are disappointed by this but who enjoy melodic metal let me suggest the band Obsequiae. Their new album is heavy, beautiful, inspirational. I'm an old metal head who loves classical as well. If you can imagine Renaissance or medieval music but played by gifted metal guitarists with GREAT production you may be surprised as I was because I thought I had heard it all but Obsequiae has been revelation to me.

  17. Noel Rojas

    Work of art

  18. ilian Georgiev

    Hansi – YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!

  19. L.A.fan423

    that was awesome

  20. Timelord Delta

    Hansi is the true Blind Guardian <3

  21. Excel

    Literal blind guardian

  22. Bleakillusion

    I wish this book was in english so I could read it

  23. #Fora Mendingos de Likes


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