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  1. YongYea

    Blizzard somehow out-bruh-ed Diablo Immortal, and by a mile.

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  2. Chaoticstorm

    Wish game companies were this timid when it came to loot box back lash

  3. JohnnyLaw0516

    Congrats on a million subs! You deserve it man 🙂

  4. Dracke Stalen Torgen

    Well mi glad I stopped playing hearthstone and Overwatch a while ago

  5. MidnightArchon

    this is going to bring back mccarthyism !!! man, I can't believe this happened in modern day America. wtf

  6. Yul Hubbart

    The thing that puzzles me most is that the CEO, Bob Kotick, is a billionaire – he has literally nothing to lose by doing the right thing but still he got down on his hands and knees and licked the feet of China, pushing social credit and censorship in the US on their behalf. What does that tell us about him? The entire company needs to be boycotted: let kotick move to China with his family if he despises America's freedom and loves China's treatment of freedom and democracy so much.

  7. Jim Staten

    It's sick how people and corporations bow down to China. A lot of game developers are even too afraid to even portray China in any way out of fear of their game being banned in China. Never give in to oppressive regimes.

  8. maxelf

    Calm down guys, Blizzard is just making a social experiment Kappa

  9. Viva La Tortue

    Defending a Communist country in the name of capitalism… Gotta love the irony!

  10. jackfrost777

    i still dont get it. Why would anyone bring politics into something that isn't politics related??

  11. Hazod

    Blizzard wouldn't even let me deactivate my account. button was just greyed out. I had to delete my payment methods to get rid of them.

  12. Javier Patag

    Complete capitulation to China.

  13. Leo Enlightened

    Who is making these decisions at blizzard, deport there stupid ass to China.

  14. nathan GQ

    Why would you even want to express that in the game society…. we play games to get away from all the bullshit around the world.!!! Just play and have fun…. stop trying to political correct.

  15. naughty thougts

    A company try to keep politics out of there business cuz they wanna get into the big chinese market is the evil in person now…. Wow what a world we have now just great. Whats about ur racist president?all the shootings, already part of ur culture?! Maybe blizzard should also interfer with ur local politics seems people now want companys to do the poltical work instead of the politicians… Seems all those people dont understand why its bad when a foreign company stay behind a political statement, even when its right. Grew the fuck up

  16. Leo Enlightened

    It seems blizzard values money over freedom, someone running that company is making these decisions, who I would like to know.

  17. KliffordTBRSrpg

    "Respect and defend the pride of our country" as they (an American company) trample over the pride of their actual country. As a long term wow player, I won't ever be giving blizzard, or the bigger parent company of Activision, my money again. No more cod, Diablo, overwatch. That means I won't get the chance to finally play thru crash and spyro again since I hadn't picked them up yet. I hope most of you will put aside your love for the franchise's and do the same. Blizzard lost any respect I had for them while south park has once again proven why it stands atop the mountain that is American animation.

  18. 陳彥廷

    Fuck the CCP!!! Free Hong Kong!!!

  19. Ebiinu H.

    10:52 Artist is Yuumei! She stands strongly in favour of this movement <3

  20. Fermiparadox

    Lol maybe its time we stopped giving a fuck about china all together and supply our own stuff

  21. Dave G

    Yeah, Epic's forums are just teeming with "on-point" political discussions..
    Oh wait.. they don't HAVE forums.

  22. DovahSpy

    Blizzard will probably never make a public statement. Jagex, for instance, has gone an entire month without addressing the mtx outrage and that's peanuts compared to this shitshow.

  23. WolfJarl

    Now we need an image of Liberty Prime stomping down Blizzard headquarters for being communist.

  24. Nigger Faggot

    Blizzard: For the pride of China we will ban you!

  25. Tx240

    Collegiate is based on the word college and pronounced like kolleejat.


    Bungie looks awesome right now hehe. Activision is the root of the problem. COD rot has spread far………

  27. Sunomeow

    Shit really hits the fan when even epic is taking jabs at blizzard

  28. Tx240

    Yong, it's good to see you angry about something worth being angry about.

    – Robert Kotick and J. Allen Brack

  29. Mista Scott

    Oh boy, the times we are living in. A censored clown world. Yuck it up, folks. It will only get worst.

  30. 456MMarc

    They have an actual cheek! With the amount of things they have banned and spoke out out against leaning towards social justice. When as soon as something major happens that they could actually support to make a difference they just fold!

  31. Daniel S

    Im old enough to remember when south park first came out and all the people who said it was a toilet humor show and shouldnt be allowed on tv just goes to show what real values are id rather have them representing the American entertainment industry than Hollywood who dosnt even have to be told to censor they do it willingly to make more money shameful in order for creativity to flourish it needs an open and free souce of expression im curious if ill be able to say this statement for much longer if these types of actions arent rebelled against soon thats if it isn't already too late….. Liberation for Hong Kong and America revolution of our age!!!

  32. Daniel Lewandowski

    Thanks for educating me

  33. Maje

    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty?
    More like Starcraft 2: Wings of Tyranny.

  34. MadLemon

    Nice try, Epic Games. Go continiue sucking on china's dong.

  35. LV 7

    One name: Bobby Kotick CEO of Activision Blizzard, who is slowly killing Blizzard, who in February lays off and ruined the lives of 800 employees without notice them, who for signing 1-year exclusivity agreements with PS wants to sell at full price an incomplete game (COD) for PC and Xbox players and who is responsible for censoring their gamers and the problem that is currently happening. In addition, he has been linked with Jeffrey Epstein a famous pedophile and trafficker of minors. It's really a shame what happened to Blizzard ..

  36. Devious Oatmeal

    This is no longer 'just' censorship from Blizzard, this is them choosing a side. They will defend China's view of Hong Kong and they support China's view of Hong Kong. They have now opened themselves up as a step in the protests; another stair that is shown in the climb towards what Hong Kong wants. Blizzard is now just another company of China.

  37. J T G

    People say well this is all business etc etc but no it's not. We have US companies bending the knee to their parent country's main economic rivals. This is definitely an issue that government ought to be awake to; otherwise its an inevitable creep into all of western society. Which I assume would be exactly China's aim.

  38. Papi Salad

    Maybe this is just what Blizzard wants: Get PR so bad, Activision would drop them and leave them for dead so they can get back to making great games.



    love how blizzard say "chinas pride" like Chinese communists have pride

  40. xXx Swoop xXx 9

    Pride goethe before a fall.

  41. StrangeCreed

    …not gonna lie, the boost in anti-authoritarian/anti-communist Mei has seriously affected my hentai browsing habits.

  42. S Q

    Blizzard has gone to the dark side.

  43. Ghiffari Bara

    Ive been waiting for Warcraft Reforged and gonna buy it if the game is released. But after hearing about this and all, i guess i have to cancel it.

  44. fro16883

    i wonder if people will realize that this is not so much a china thing as its a company will do anything they can to chase a buck thing….

    yay capitalism.

  45. sik3xploit

    I doubt you are going to hear a word from Nancy Pelosi though. She most likely has plenty of deals with China she wants to keep strong.

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