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  1. ZaeHD & CEO

    For everybody who wanna say we not from Memphis stop doing the dance… who said we were from Memphis ? We be in Memphis like every month. Nobody want credit for the dance lmao we just have fun, y’all to serious about a dance that more than us do lol

  2. DABB24 Philly

    Me trying to clutch in modern warfare:

    Me: Shhhhh Don’t make a sound.
    My friends:SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!!!!

  3. sexy1marsha1982

    my brother love this song

  4. sexy1marsha1982


  5. YNG Flixure

    Can we appreciate the choreography

  6. shekinah mfulu

    it funny how this video got more views tan the official shoot video

  7. Brian Nteziryayo

    who saw this on fortnite and looked up ¨the hype¨?

  8. Gotenksplay23

    remember this?

  9. iLLBiLLsRoastBeats

    Men don’t dance

  10. Vision Hyper

    I'm I the only one who hear the bass at the right ?

  11. Markel Williams


  12. Markel Williams


  13. VasquezVito

    0:28 me when mom says we can have McDonald’s for dinner

  14. Jackson


    9 year olds, FORTNITE!!!!!

  15. Jamie Sturdivant


  16. Jaqueline Lezard

    I showed this to my little cousin he was like "oh my gosh, these guys know fortnite!!" I face palmed

  17. iiam.kee.j _

    Real Nation Gang and Nike Boyz were ahead of their time. This 🔥 but they would've killed it

  18. Saitama

    I play Fortnite

    Is that good?

  19. mariam lhaja


  20. Jamall Smith

    Dude in the red can't dance he looking at them for the next move

  21. LegendaryFruity

    Still blow up tho

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