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  1. Barbie Tingzz


  2. Jordane Senior

    This man is trash he's not good indeed lyrics make any sense


    Blue face corney I can't get into those corny ass west coast rappers allowed I love my New York Hip Hop real hip hop rap games change

  4. Que_Rico


  5. Jordan Kennedy

    This honestly sucked.

  6. Mxtt

    His PFP is the default "B"

  7. Z stxx1017

    Blueface should be Taylor Gang

  8. Santiago Ramirez

    I got the news of this song dropping from TikTok

  9. Raffael Roronoa

    русские залайкайте

  10. Ethan Cabaza

    Director: How many chains are you going to wear?

    Blueface: Yes

  11. Ackeem Patrick

    video is lit asf

  12. Lil Rocket

    Idk why but I don’t like this rap

  13. Alyssa S

    Thats exactly what i would do too 😂😂 0:58

  14. Wablack trippeur


  15. Adam Violin

    Wow he was kinda on beat. 😮😮

  16. Wyatt Smith

    0:56 you drink it 0:58 (smacks bottle out of his hand)

  17. Wyatt Smith

    0:16 (opens can) 0:18 oops

  18. B Ca

    This is the type of song I’d skip

  19. wild яαfє

    This shit whack

  20. 1 5

    isn't this dude canceled?

  21. Elizabeth Mata


  22. Godly Goat

    Fuck it I’m rich I bought the ugly balenciagas

    -Bluface 2019

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