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  1. Antonio Bonilla


  2. michael vainer

    This music makes a good start !

  3. Felipe Couto

    Bossa Nova Brasil / BH! =)

  4. Zoe James

    Nice to watch two people dancing seductively to ….

  5. AnneMarie Johnson

    Great music to listen to.

  6. Music Entertainment Science and Cooking

    27 k likes stay here friènds please connected my channèĺ

  7. Music Entertainment Science and Cooking

    so nice

  8. Anthony Lê


  9. Lorena gomes

    Perfeito para toda 🌙

  10. Valéria Vick Vick

    Mais alguém do Brasil, ouvindo essas maravilhas em 2019???
    Diga seu estado. Eu sou do Rio de Janeiro.

  11. James Bonde

    If more humans listen this would be a better place in which to reside.

  12. Sofia Mejia

    Maravillosa música para disfrutar una rica tarde soleada en casa con tu pareja…🥂

  13. Sophiona Dj

    I could study to this

  14. carlos mello

    Carlos Mello: Compilação de extremado bom gosto. Parece-me que a suavidade e a profundidade destas melodias são hipnóticas e que me conduzem a um patamar de sensibilidade impossível de ser adjetivada.

  15. roberto lagrava

    Nada es la vida sin musica ,nuestros pensamientos viajan y es el viaje mas placentero y bello que podamos realizar

  16. Musica de Buena Frequencia y Vibracion.HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019.ENJOY THE LOUNGING ANYWHERE YOU ARE.

  17. 하이루

    replay 0:00



  19. Look at my bio

    What’s the first song name ?!

  20. RayJax


  21. Raul Arque-Latour

    who remenber the famous SERGIO MENDES and his Brazil 77

  22. Titannick


  23. lesley vermeir

    👍 chillen mooie jazz muziek

  24. Ina Reis

    Viva o BRASIL💗💗💗

  25. petro lauren

    dancing no shouting, flow with magical rhythm, tell your friends you like it…..haha..

  26. paulette gautier

    Belle musique,merci beaucoup.

  27. Santiago Rivero Santiago

    Excellent Bossa Jazz !!

  28. eric mayer

    Bestest music in the whole entire world: Bossa nova jazz and jazz in general, no matter what others may say.

  29. Troy Almeda

    is this patented?

  30. My Edits

    I’m going to spend the next three hours looking for the instrumental that Rich Brian used in history

  31. Spiritual Jones

    I like

  32. bostonlucy


  33. Chris & Naomi

    Love this jam

  34. Siéllysson Francisco


  35. LOLA G.

    So very,very nice.

  36. Bảo Kiều

    I wanna sleep.it's really good

  37. loveyouamyw

    So Beautiful

  38. Francesco Bonomo

    I'm completely in love of this music !!!😍😍😍

  39. Tim Brennan

    We need a song list. I especially like the first song in the extended set that repeats later in the set again and again.

  40. ちょこみんと


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