Bournemouth "Gaza Strip"

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This is real! Bournemouth’s “Gaza Strip” does exist – at least that is what locals in the suburbs of Charminster call it…

Bournemouth – Introduction

"Sunny Bournemouth" is just 100 miles from London, on the southern coast of England – it is located almost opposite the Isle of Wight and is known for its music festivals and many yachting regattas.

The town has a population of more than 200,000, surging thousands of people on weekends and summer months – it is a well-known resort with many hotels, restaurants and leisure activities.

In the history of Bournemouth, there are more hotel bedrooms in any other European city outside London, with about 30,000 beds.

  The town is also a premier English language teaching centre, and many schools attract students from all over the world to learn English.

Where to go – what to do

Located in Dorset, Bournemouth is an ideal base for travel. Visitors can benefit from nine miles of sandy beaches, and it's easy to explore Salisbury, Stonehenge, Winchester, New Forest and Dorchester [a famous market town that lives in what is known as the Hardy Village "]. The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site is just 45 minutes from the hotel and boasts over 90 miles of stunning coastline with fossils dating back 180 million years of Earth history.

The weather in Bournemouth is so clear that palm trees are booming all the year round. This is a very green town with many parks and a wealth of fine championship golf courses. It also benefits from its growing international airport, which has served many European countries and can fly directly to major cities and resorts in the Mediterranean.

Nearby is Sandbanks Penisula, home to some of the world's most expensive homes – these houses offer beautiful views of the Purbeck Hills, one of the largest and most fascinating natural ports in the world – perfect for sailing and water sports. . Mud flats and salt marshes are ecological paradise for inhabiting birds.

There are three theatres – The Pavilion, The Pier Theatre and Bournemouth International Centre. We also have a multiplex cinema, the Russell Coates Museum, and the Aquarium. Two marinas, beautiful gardens and a pedestrian shopping area from the east to the west of the town are connected to the central square, which usually has many attractions throughout the year and is finally held at the German Christmas market. The town also has its own large international conference and exhibition centre called BIC. At some point during the year, the main leisure center has an ice rink. In the summer, there is a free fireworks show near Bournemouth Pier on Friday night.

Bournemouth is also one of the most popular places for young people in Europe to go to the club. It is also a favorite of the Bucks and Hens parties.

Bournemouth was recently voted "the happiest place to live in the UK" – it won more than 82% of the vote and won the first place.

"Gaza Strip"

Let me uncover everything that is in the "zone". I have already mentioned a large number of language students who have flocked to our towns – they used to be spring to autumn, but now the school is very busy all year round, which is the world's demand for English as a language. The result is that Bournemouth has become one of the most truly international towns in the UK.

To meet the needs of these new temporary residents, Charminster's main streets are full of bars, restaurants, cafes and shops selling exotic food. Most of the owners of these stores often come from the Middle East, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and Turks to supplement their numbers. Food stores in South Korea, Japan, China and Asia are increasing. It makes the main street a vibrant and colourful dining venue.

Bars and restaurants tend to serve food and drinks throughout the day – you won't go hungry in the Gaza Strip.

I noticed that my body language and traditional English greetings have changed due to the influence of traders and students – more men are kissing and hugging each other on the street! I also noticed more back shots and handshakes than I saw before.

All in all, Gaza benefits the entire community. In addition, because shops and bars are banned from smoking, there are more people on the street – they use almost market-style gay relationships. If you travel along Gaza, you will notice the number of people joking and commenting across the street, which was previously unknown in conservative England.

According to which end of the strip you started, the border of “Gaza” is as follows: From the north, you have the Sinbads restaurant at the traffic lights, commonly known as “Kebab Juction and Gaza Corner” [this is a real indication of a passenger to the taxi driver] He was taken there directly], you reached the end of the southern part of the Tesko Express. Between these intersections, you can accelerate any mouth-watering food you want.

Restaurant and bar

Listed below are just some of the seasons for "Strip". I also included the owner's nationality and they found opportunities to expand the community. Their foresight and capital investment make them feel honored that they have turned a mediocre suburban shopping street into a vibrant experience that everyone can enjoy.

There is no special order:

Sebis Brasserie Bistro

Iranian owner

Mainly serving continental cuisine and a variety of wines, open until late at night, very popular at night, very busy, mainly due to the efforts of Miguel, Marco, Einstein [Ali] Guzel and boss Ismail – all People are smiling and welcoming for you… not to mention their evil cocktails.

Japan Hotel

Japanese/English owner

This small restaurant and bar is run by Steve and his Japanese wife; they are next door to Sebis, offering an amazing version of some Japanese dishes like Spanish tapas… great people.


Syrian boss

This friendly small bar restaurant is famous for its Italian/Spanish cuisine and offers some Middle Eastern cuisine. It has a very sunny courtyard where you can stay away from the time, enjoy garlic olives, a pizza and a glass of wine, while watching the antics of people marching in and out of Gaza. Tariq is my master and will always give you a day.


Iranian owner

Mainly serving Italian food and wine, as well as lovely Peroni beer, open until late, very popular at night, very busy – they have great jazz nights and always try to provide live entertainment.

Sal e Pepe

Iranian owner

A great Italian restaurant run by the lovely Nikki and Nico owners, the upscale food and drinks are picky, just hope they are open again during lunch time.

San Lorenzos

Italian boss

Of course the most famous Italian restaurant, very friendly, Anna and Lorenzo have been in business for many years. This restaurant has a long relationship with the football club, and they have hosted several dinners for professional football players in the town.

You can also choose from the following:

Havana Nightclub… Vibe Nightclub … Bar Zuka … Retro… San Miguel … Baraca … Damascus… Bedouin… Pasa Mr. Falafael .. ….

Stop the news… soon opened by an Englishman would be an "American dinner" – ah, but he is half Italian… God bless.

All of these venues, this is by no means a complete list owned or operated by the following nationalities:

Lebanese, Israelis, Turks, Moroccans, Palestinians, French Algerians… These great people have made the "Gaza Strip" what it is today. Thank you very much, all.

Sad part

I have a sad observation that there is only one bar in Gaza. It is called the Richmond weapon and the state that the brewery makes it enter. It has one of the largest gardens in any of the local bars, at least 100 feet from the Strip, and is only separated from the dirty railroad. This once happy and vibrant community bar is now in a disgraceful state of decoration. The opportunity to showcase and attract a rich customer base on this thriving street is being overlooked. Given the efforts [and quality] of our friends in the Middle East, the brewery should be ashamed.

one question?

Why the Spaniards have a free choice when smoking and not smoking in a bar/restaurant environment.

I am understood that if the franchise is within a certain range, say 100 or the promise can only accommodate 100 people, then they can apply for and obtain a permit they show at the front door, telling the public that they are smoking inside…. .. how wise.

The problem is of course ….. can be done in the UK.

Good part

This year, for the first time, a event called Bournemouth Sevens will be held, which will take place from May 31 to June 1, 2008 at sports facilities near the airport. If you are interested, I have copied some information below.

Diamond Sports Director Roger Woodall is a former rugby player and the founder of the Bournemouth seven-person system. He realized that England has a unique opportunity to create a world championship like Dubai, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. A two-day festival. His goal is to make this annual festival the largest festival in Europe, attracting everyone of all ages.

This rugby/music festival will be the entertainment of the entire weekend!

This will be a great event in the next few years. Not only will there be 24 …

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