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  1. Maverick Limon

    Awesome video ! ☺️💗

  2. sunny - chance of rain

    Whoa compared to some of your other subscription boxes, this one seems like its actually worth it!

  3. sunny - chance of rain

    Wow the box for the Touch in Sol product is really pretty!

  4. sunny - chance of rain

    will you be getting/reviewing the baby bt21 merch?

  5. Wicked Ladies

    Another Deedee Unboxes Things video? Man, you’re spoiling us, Deedee!

  6. Jacqueline Gonzalez

    That feeling when I get home from school and have ramen and see that my favorite youtuber uploaded a video…. best feeling ever!!!!!

  7. Suga kookie

    That Iconic London Lip Plumping gloss, Omg 😍 I want it. I love the color

  8. Angela Chloe

    That Becca powder though! What the hell kinda witchcraft and wizardry? I also am Asian and have an oily skin, gonna look into that powder

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