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  1. Deb L

    Brazil.has potential to.be a power house. It has many natural resources. I agreed with the gentleman. Just need to.get its internal structure to encourage investment.

  2. The Israelites

    Let's go south and central America fuck white north Americans

  3. michael mcneill

    Death to South America if they betray the United States

  4. michael mcneill

    China is a liar jealous of the United States

  5. michael mcneill

    Death to china

  6. Ming Yang

    China will buy, USA will find a reason and bomb you then invade you like they are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. 😂

  7. Frederik Ma Caballos

    Porra chineses

  8. Nair Ferreira

    porta aberta o ladrao entra ,,kkk,,, brasileiros nao sabe traballar com que tem ,,,preciso entrar comprar barato do brasil e os brasileiros compra de volta da china pra seus consumo ,,kkk,,idiotas

  9. Francis Lim

    Countries are dumping America as its has lost its ways,the flames that once give warmth now becomes unbearably hot,dangerously arrogant,demanding and ugly,all they knew now is war and imperialism while neglecting its domestic problems,infact,America is jealous of China’s contribution to growth of other countries and is losing its friends,worst,its always pointing fingers at everyone,even sabotaging.

  10. sstchan924

    All the negative comments are from people who want America continue to dominate South America countries.

  11. Jagdeshwar Prasad

    no work for Brazilian only chines citizen on their projects go Brazil put your citizen lives in bondage to the chines,from South America

  12. Clarine Berry


  13. richardmilk

    The chinese are taking over Brazil! Run to the hills my fellow countrymen!

  14. flagship seeyou

    China will make love with brazil

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