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  1. some body

    What a beautiful lady.

  2. Daniel Johnson

    Not that they need makeovers, but some time to kick back and say "yeah, we did it. We won"

    Let's go grab a few long island iced teas

  3. mountopian 1

    My dads a cancer survivor.
    I didn't see him in the news.
    Maybe because he's not a b!tch.

  4. George Smiley

    You know what's in that makeup (typically contains lead and other heavy metals + carcinogens), in your deodorant (typically contains aluminum)? Wear an underwire bra and/or your phone in your bra? Wear your phone in your waistband (ovarian cancer)?

  5. South Efrikan

    Every single woman on the planet needs to know that there are serious health risks from breast implants. I implore you to research before placing poison in your body. Please research breast implant and healing: www healingbreastimplantillness dot com. Hundreds of thousands of women severely sickened and a few doctors only now starting to take action against it.

  6. Average joe

    I bet you go breast cancer from putting your phone in your bra instead of in a case 10mm away from your body.

  7. flafla fluehie

    My fiance's 46 years old she terminal stage 4 hoping she makes it to Christmas. she was a teacher for over 20 years for autistic children never happens to the bad people. 😔She was first diagnosed in 2016 with breast cancer. It has now spread to her brain her lung her liver her spine and her hip. I'm not a big believer in doctors or cancer treatment it's a money grab the patient is not the concern they chew you up and you spit you out when they can't make any more money on you. Send you home to hospice care. If you have cancer turn to cannabis oil it's too late for her now chemo and radiation only make it worse lowers your quality of life your strength your appetite your appearance. Don't bother with it put it in God's hands and live the best quality life you can chemotherapy and radiation have robbed Mary of any quality of life that she has left. it didn't do anything for the cancer at all it still grew. Of course I'm angry at the situation but I'm more angry at the false hope and Bs that Hospital's throw at you on weekly basis to make more money for themselves. I pray to God everyday for what I'm not sure. But I still try to carry my faith

  8. K P

    With the standard treatments it is just a matter of time before it comes back with a vengeance. But that's just what they want to keep you just alive enough to keep selling you treatments that don't work. Their is no Health in Healthcare.

  9. K P

    Ask Olivia Newton John what total BS this is.

  10. Rose Treiger

    And what did the men who survived testicular cancer do? No big story there? Because we're just so diversive now. Men and women are equal but we'll just hold women up above everybody else. Cancer knows no sex, cancer knows no religion, cancer knows no age. So to single out stories like this is ridiculous. I'm glad they survived but so did millions of other cancer survivors and they're not getting a story and that's not diverse. That singular and that's sexist.

  11. Shilonious Monk

    Stop lying

  12. Joe Duke

    Breast cancer research gets TWICE the funding of men's Prostate Cancer even though less women die from it. WOMEN'S privilege.

  13. JK F1


  14. The D.U.O. Xpressions Studios Inc

    Hi wanted to send love and light you all way. I created words of encouragement to uplift all women going through treatments & etc. https://youtu.be/PDetK2LjLTc please be encouraged. May God take care of all your needs.

  15. Tom Rhodes

    The CURE for cancer is known, it is simple, and it costs almost nothing….which is why the cure for cancer is HIGHLY SUPPRESSED. Give me a "click" if you're ready to leave deceit and deception behind….

  16. Tammy Ruggles

    Hey, if you've battled cancer, you deserve some me-time to feel good about your health. It's precious.

  17. Klondike Blame

    I hope one day we can look at breast cancer as a distant mammary

  18. Jake Miketta

    Glad she’s feeling better

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