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  1. Armando Sanchez


  2. Armando Sanchez


  3. Armando Sanchez


  4. Armando Sanchez


  5. Armando Sanchez


  6. Leslie Davis

    Brett it,s my blue eyes you see

  7. Audriana Perrins

    Still my favorite song

  8. Armando Sanchez


  9. Armando Sanchez


  10. Ru bï

    Love that voice! 🎶🎶🤓👍

  11. Leslie Davis

    Love this song leslie davis

  12. Armando Sanchez


  13. Renea Brock

    You always have my heart racing. Its those blue eyes, your beautiful smile and your amazing voice

  14. Ryan Doane

    This song just made me want a gf really bad and it made me want to start caring about how I look

  15. Conrad Roberts

    She has a dick and she knows how to use it

  16. LinkH1

    2019 Anyone?

  17. John Doe

    In only here because the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon to judge the world. Seek Him with all your heart until you find Him, if your willing. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. If you seek, then you will find.

    If I can see Him than anyone who is willing can too. We have the freewill to accept or reject Him. I'm here to give everyone a fair chance. I don't wish for people to say, they never knew. I wish to see many of you changed into the image of Christ, and all for His Glory.

    Take care and God bless you

  18. Sirad Little

    Sang it!

  19. AVID Angler

    When u meet a girl that likes to fish.

  20. Patrick Saxon

    I love the ending, where her note wished that he could stay than leave. I hate when radio anouncers do not say the song title and the artists as I had to search for this song. I now got it on my Apple iTunes.

  21. ThatTruckerChick82! !!

    Sexy man.

  22. hitman_ Jay68

    Anyone here in 2019

  23. Juanita Buron

    14:02 2/22^19

  24. Bobby Huffstetler

    perfect video!!

  25. Kaylee Crafton


  26. Lee Moika

    Love every Brett Eldredge's songs👍

  27. m k

    He is so hot! 🔥🔥

  28. Destiny Jay Dior

    <3 <3

  29. Jonathan Fuller

    I think that Brett And Luke Bryan should sing together.

  30. TheBob1901

    #metoo has ruined, perhaps forever, these kinds of spontaneous hookups between men and women.

  31. Zack Ryan

    I want a country girl not a city girl like these chicks

  32. Zack Ryan

    Country genre with city girls… good song but those aren’t country girls…😂

  33. My dad name😄

  34. Moonlight X Fox

    My all time favorite country music video ever

  35. RIPHashima

    very often only the video of a song makes it well known, while the pure song would pass by some of unknown. this video will be upcalled by the singers name very often from my country selection. sure of that !

  36. Dragongaming-Kid friendly gaming

    I know a girl named Brett. Is that bad?

  37. Uzumaki Nagato

    Música linda. Uma das minhas favoritas.

  38. Armando Sanchez


  39. Armando Sanchez

    Bus 6

  40. Armando Sanchez


  41. donna o'neil


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