Bride and groom wedding costumes in Marathi marriage

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Indian culture is a fusion of cultures, each representing the different colors of India. At the celebration of the wedding, the various communities living in India follow their own rituals and customs. The impact of regional differences can be clearly seen in the Indian wedding model.

The Maharashtra community is one of the Indian communities that follow a simple way to hold a wedding. The culture of Maharashtra blends the culture of the Aryans and the Dravidians. The influence of North Indian and South Indian culture can be clearly seen in eating habits, wedding ceremonies and other customs. The wedding ceremony of Marathi Matrimony is called the sacrament. Weddings in the Marathi community are usually conducted during the day, which is considered the best time to marry.

Like other Indian communities, Marriage marriages are not popular with other communities or castes, and marriage unions are usually determined by the same community. Maharashtra believes in arranged marriages, and parents find the perfect match for their children with their consent. According to Maharashtra, marriage connects two souls, not just for one life, but for the upcoming seven lives. The Wedding Alliance unites the two families and lets partners believe in the marriage system.

It is believed that this alliance contributes to the growth and progress of the community and its members. The marriage period in India is regarded as a festival, when family members, relatives and friends who participate in the wedding have the opportunity to show off their traditional costumes. This is the best day for the bride and groom to look and become the center of attraction for everyone.

Marathi-style bride's wedding costume

The Marathi bride is an icon of femininity and is a good representation of the Indian bride. On the wedding day, the Marathi-style bride wears a green nine-yard sari bottle in a typical Marathi style. In general, the bride of Maharashtra wears a sari, a Maharashtra-patterned sari with a complex design of gold and silver lines and a golden embroidered border. Some of the brides in the Marathi marriage are also wearing the green Kanchipuram sari, giving the bride a gorgeous look.

The bride's hair is neatly tied together to form a bun wrapped in a bouquet of jasmine. Marathi brides wear simple jewelry for the wedding. This green wedding dress is decorated with delicate pearls. The bride's forehead is wearing thin pearls, a necklace of gold and pearls, and a gold nose ring with nine pearls. The earrings worn by the bride contain seven pearls

The bride is also wearing a green bracelet with a gold bracelet in a Marathi marriage. This is a sign of the bride's marital status. The Marathi bride also wears a beautiful belt made of gold and a silver toe ring.

The Marathi groom wears a traditional dhoti, preferably white or off-white. Marathi’s groom wears a gold ring on his finger and pearl beads on his neck. Put a large cloth on the groom's right shoulder, tie it to the bride's saree, and take seven steps when the bride and groom promise each other.

The bride and groom also applied the design of henna on their palms as a sign of fertility and prosperity. The rituals and customs that are followed in Marathi marriages are very similar to other Hindu weddings, but regional influences add to its beauty.

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