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  1. Snow Hannah

    BBC you liar! Shame on you!

  2. Shan Zhao

    Prince Andrew:We are good friends 。

  3. panda hot

    He went for prostitute 3 times in the same day, camera has it as proof….

  4. Mason张大仙

    Torture? Hahahaha.

  5. Jerome Zhang

    If he said is right, what percentage he were able to get out of Guangzhou? He dare to say anything bad about China,?

  6. TheTofucheese

    China always fabricates evidence to smear the names of people. "Soliciting prostitution" – Simon Cheng isn't the first person to be accused of this. These fake confessions are not new, there are countless videos of other political prisoners being forced to confess to fake.crimes. After all, China can't really openly denounce these people as political prisoners, so they have fabricate something to put them in prison for. It's like what happened to the booksellers of Hong Kong. If anyone for a second believes these videos, you are very unaware of just how low the Chinese govt. will go. There is nothing too immoral for them to do in order to keep.power

  7. ts9z s


  8. Paul FanMing

    This guy is a lieser, from the video show, he confessed he is prostitution got caught,

    he confesses very relaxedly without any torture. He urges the officer not to inform his family. He mentioned ten other Hong Kong citizens had detented why no other Hong Kong family yield their family member disappears. He made up the story.

  9. king lathe

    Now I know how cheap the British people feelings are. It looks like their moving and pride are worthless to BBC. YOU ARE A JOKE TO THE WORLD, MY BRITISH FRIENDS

  10. The shame of the British government and the BBC

  11. 操你妈


  12. The Old Fashioned Gentleman

    If it's not Russia it's China…Or Evil orange man bad…Give it a rest BBC, you're doing our heads in!

  13. clown JAMES

    Now the whole world knows you got caught with a hooker😂

  14. joek

    This guys trying to cash in on the western demand on china bashing..

  15. Maylay Alicia

    He needs the last video!!!

  16. one The


  17. 孙笑川258

    fake newshttps://youtu.be/K5gIlWAheG4

  18. John Tan

    you think by spreading fake news , fabricated stories can cover up your disgusting,shameful acts of prostitution?

  19. John Tan

    who can trust a sex maniac..a liar….and a traitor ?? hahaha….

  20. John Tan

    hahaha…the true fact is this simon sex maniac has tortured the prostitute…and the prostitute bite his penis and tortured him nicely….hahahah

  21. Whatsapp Videos and GIF's

    Chinese 10 cent army has arrived to change public opinion, stay strong soldiers dont reply to these trolls.

  22. KUN

    He is a little kinky maybe.

  23. Eric Fang

    BBC why don't you show video of Simon's explicit act went to brothel for sex service before he was apprehended. Tell us more on prostitution in China. Simon Cheng how he learned prostitution and location in CN from HK. This is more interesting than the "shackled" business…
    Simon Cheng whoring video released…

    Simon was FIRED

  24. Bo He

    That's strange, there are comments that criticize the BBC! Dont't they know it is legal to solicit prostitution in the UK! They turely love prostition! So of course BBC can consciously ignore the truth that the man breaked Chinese law. UK is so powerful and so great that should try to make Chinese rewrite their laws. Trust yourself, UK, that couldn't be more difficult than what you did to China 179 years ago, although China is not the China that time, UK is stronger too, stronger enough to Brexit, I even bielive that someday the great Britain can exit from our earth.!

  25. jeffc168jb

    Ehhh…. If you didn’t do anything illegal why don’t you answer the question? Haha haha. Busted! You saw or heard other people being tortured? What a bunch of baloney. Yes, raise the British colonial flag of Hong Kong. Maybe you can travel back in time to the good old days. Or maybe this time they’ll grant all of us Hong Kong citizens who lived under British rule British citizenship lol. I sincerely hope the British grant you asylum. You truly belong there. Maybe you won’t get arrested and “tortured” for whoring in the UK. HAHAHAHA!

  26. 리가호 1992


  27. Dan He

    Here is the truth,liar🤣

  28. Peter Ahhh

    BBC is right, Simon surely was banging prostitutes in a very pro-democracy way.

  29. twenlil

    Lying toad ! He was caught with his pants down !
    Ha ha ha ha ha ….

  30. twenlil

    I think he was relating his kinky sexual experience.

  31. Yuanhan Tian

    Students majoring in econometrics, listen carefully! This is what we so-called Omitted Variable Bias!

  32. Yuanhan Tian

    Well, the Weibo account of British embassy in China posted an announcement to condemn Chinese government and deleted several hours after. The announcement did nothing more than letting more people know the fact that British government is hiring ones who seeks prostitute and tell lies to entire of the world, lol. While social media are place of obtaining information, posting information that could lead to further misunderstandings and selectively exposing the fact is even worse than telling lies.

  33. Anonymous

    hilarious hahaja

  34. Chuming Wu

    Bitter Sweet
    BBC may probably prepare 72 virgin girlfriends for him in the heaven already. British gave him selfie-bombs to carry into China, but this guy presented his balls and banana only, to the only Chinese girls he got close contact with! It is dishonest! What a shame !As Donald Trump always said, You’re fired!😄

  35. David Strohmaier

    What I don't understand here: so China says we arrest that dude because he is involved in prostitution. But what about all the other people who went there? If the police knows that this is a brothel and prostitution is illegal, why didn't they turn it down?

  36. Samurai Shodown

    Looking forward to his xxx tapes on pornhub 🙂

  37. Christy J

    What an embarrassment now BBC.

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