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  1. kat r

    I bet they're all deaf.

  2. Paola Pacelli

    Fantastico Bruce 😎
    Fantastica Band 🎷🎸🎤🎹

  3. RTW

    @4:19 😂 Tickling the Ivories with Cowboy Boots !!! 😂👍🏾 I Love It !!! ROCK & ROLL !!

  4. carlos rodriguez

    EL MAS GRANDE DE TODOS!! Ciudadanos de USA…escuchen ..LISTEN!!

  5. Michael moore

    Bruce Springsteen and the e street band AWESOME ,CLARENCE UNTOUCHABLE LEGEND, GOD BLESS YOU. 😀😆

  6. andré Tisserandet

    the BOSS is the BOSS

  7. Ipkiss Stone

    Is the guitarist Keith Richards?

  8. athééosl Sarkkos

    5K Australians love this song !

  9. athééosl Sarkkos

    3:35 : there is absolutely nobody at this concert !!!

  10. 1957PLATO

    God, I must have been 18 or 19 years old when this came out. Now, I am 62. It’s still relevant. Go figure.

  11. Mike Robins

    God made Bruce
    Bruce mad tramps like us

  12. Whoopsi Daisies

    the saxophone in this one is just beyond.

  13. anella d'ambrosio

    Un video indescrivibile!!tutti fantastici!!🤼🤼🤼♥️💗😍😍😍😇😇💔💔💓💓🎷🎸💋🎶💎😅😅😅

  14. Parasmunt

    3:34 the sheer energy, the trees themselves probably wanted to wave their branches.

  15. W D

    Nobody wins unless everybody wins?



  16. Birgitt Reckermann



    This is one of his best songs, but hey we all know that, yes tramps like us with blue jeans on a trend that is still alive today 2019 yes we were born to run for The Boss, we do as told with respect and Pay, lol, I will go watch his movie, would like to see ASAP, I wish to see>3

  18. ted ritola

    This is a 1975 song WOOOOW ,,, RIGHT ON 70S

  19. Gracie M

    2019 October 🙂

  20. Nadia Dekkari

    Dedicase a mes filles wendy jayne et caly omaha jayne mum 💋 🇫🇷

  21. indusianer

    I cant tell how often i saw this video.
    I was born in september 1974 😉


    Man he's the boss Bruce Springsteen

  23. 김진호

    This is just a masterpiece

  24. Claudia Fields

    O ooho…O ooho… O ooho…O ooohoo ♥♥♥

  25. The Right Reverand Marcuius McDonutius Cool

    One of those songs: if you don’t like it there IS something wrong with you.

  26. Parasmunt

    Love the last revelation at 3.34 just when you think the song is over. Great drums.

  27. Elisabet Karlsson


  28. Vinyl Fiend668

    The forgotten working class still singin' springsteen's tune….The ones with nothing, are the ones with everything…

  29. hilborninjection

    Graduated from high school in 1978. I think I lived through the greatest time period in music history. I remember hearing rap for the first time in the mid 80's. It was garbage then and is garbage now.
    Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.
    Take that s**t to another country.
    It doesn't belong in AMERICA.

  30. paul summers


  31. Gordon

    No frills, cursing, killing. Just pure legend and soul.

  32. Kristiina Lagus

    What a song.Love it!

  33. IlCreeper18

    Bruce is the truly way of this fucking world

  34. Raniero Cicconetti

    Yesterday evening, on an Italian television channel, I saw a documentary, about its life in New Jersey and its amazing musical career! I'm a fan of The Boss!

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