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The Taoist deer movement was developed by observing the behavior of wild deer. Ancient Taoism observed that deer had strong sexual desires and they adapted to the movements used by humans.

Deer exercise helps connect the mind and body, spirit. In fact, deer movement is a mental, physical and spiritual exercise. By performing a deer exercise, you will find that sex is a spiritual experience and a spirit and body.

Deer sports have many benefits. Exercise balances the body. Taoism refers to seven glands, but they are similar to seven charkas. The movement of the deer attracts energy to the pineal gland through seven glands. This idea is similar to the concept of extracting energy from the root to the crown charka.

When energy hits the pineal gland, although the whole body is similar to the experience of orgasm, it still has a stinging sensation. If the energy flow in any of the seven glands is interrupted, the energy will not enter the pineal gland until the energy imbalance is filled. Regular deer movements will help bring energy to the seven glands.

Deer movement is also used for mental performance to allow for sexual change. The amount of performance is saved and transformed into creative energy through sexual metamorphosis and deer movement.

The deer movement also has the advantage of extending sexual intercourse. If you use other artificial methods that prolong sexual intercourse, it may cause damage to the prostate over time. However, sexual contact can last longer by practicing deer exercise and training the prostate muscles.

When semen is expelled from the prostate, normal sexual intercourse ends. However, by using deer to exercise and train muscles, men can experience multiple orgasms without ejaculation without losing vital energy. Once the deer's movement is mastered, men feel refreshed after sex, not tired and sleepy. Advanced users of the deer movement can also practice deer movement as a means of birth control.

Deer exercise is best for naked exercise. It can be done while sitting, standing or lying down. There are two parts.

Start the first part by enhancing the energy. Rub your hands until you feel warm. Then take a cup of your testicle in one hand. Don't squeeze, just feel warm.

The other hand begins to make a small circle on the lower abdomen between the navel and the penis. You may leave a summary on your hair, but it is worth it. The heat generated by the friction. Keep your mind clearly focused on movements and feelings. Be gentle, don't try to force anything. Make 81 circles.

Now, put your hands together again and let them warm. Turn your hand and put your other hand on your ball and use your other hand to lick your belly. This time, make sure the circle is opposite to the direction of the first group. Make another 81 circles. Keep your mind clear about your movements and feelings.

Now you are ready for the second part. Tighten the muscles of the anus as if you were trying to breathe in the air. Think of a deer swinging its tail. Keep contracting as long as you are comfortable. do not worry. Then stop and relax.

Repeat the contraction. Again, focus on tightening the anal muscles as long as they are comfortable. Stop and relax.

After a few repetitions, you will begin to feel the tingling sensation on your back. This feeling is the energy movement through the seven glands. If it stops at some point, you know that there are weaknesses in the area that need to be addressed. Eventually you will feel a tingling sensation behind your neck, and the sting will swell in your body like a climax. This effect occurs when energy reaches the pineal gland.

At first you may not be able to keep shrinking for a long time. However; if you continue to practice twice a day, you will soon strengthen your muscles to the point where you can keep contracting.

If you want to test whether exercise strengthens your prostate muscles, you can try this test: when you are urinating, try to stop the flow and then restart it. As your muscles get stronger, you'll find that you can easily control your urine flow.

The second part of the exercise can be done anytime, anywhere. It can be used to give yourself a natural energy boost or just for a pleasant feeling. If pre-formed during sexual intercourse, you can achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation. In this way, you can save your sexual energy and turn it into creative energy.

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