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  1. Steven coia sterling

    i got jumped in a walmart parking lot by two 25 year olds im 64 i thank u for these videos

  2. Steven coia sterling

    i got jumped in a walmart parking lot by two 25 year olds im 64 i thank u for these videos

  3. Gurukulam Communication

    This is a great martial art exhibition but you must try " Gurukulam communication" to find oldest martial arts training.

  4. afendi ujud

    1:48 copied

  5. Xerxes Arnlo Manzo Bulfa


  6. Cat Mandu

    It's got some karate influence but I love Japanese street defense. Yes… Real jujitsu isn't gone. Great post. Thank you sensei.

  7. Rash cherif

    Pubjitsu… sorry but too bullshit for my eyes, I can't handle 🤣

  8. Kim Sørensen

    A Fight is Chaotic and not as controlled as they make it look here. But i guess its better to have some kind of selfdefence than none at all.


    Awww? Bully!

  10. 3228000

    This is the real Aikijujutsu, the way it was taught before WWII, this is the real battle field system, and I see a lot of Kuntao in this system. This is the basic foundation of Aikido. Back before WWII during the Waring years, it was taught with weapons. Makes you wonder what the Samurai was really like back in those days…….Bravo to the teacher………Sensei……If I am not mistaken, this is something I have been looking for for years also known as Jukenpo, a hidden art of jujutsu of witch most people no nothing about…Also part of the daitoryu system, of which there are many…..

  11. tony bergin

    some nice moves.

  12. Steven J

    Nice one greetz from Belgium

  13. Kristo Krosso

    Beautiful work.💪👊

  14. Physical Activity Science

    Choose either of the equivalent romanized spellings, "jiu-jitsu" or "ju-jutsu". A mix of these is a literary mistake seen way too often.

  15. popasmuerf

    Lolz….notice how his "typical night of training" in no way involves actually pressure testing these techniques against uncooperative training partners of comparable skill….

  16. ricky Carrasco

    what style is this. jujitsu only or kenpo jujitsu?


    es buenísimo el entrenamiento .good

  18. Crs K.

    Here everybody can see what makes the difference between a good jujitsu school and a first class dojo. Its all about the senseis competence and charisma. Great teaching! Respect from Berlin (Ger).

  19. tsquare10


  20. BigDonBricks

    Very impressive Ju Jitsu from the Sensei – fast, agressive (!) and superbly executed. He is absolutely excellent. Very similar to the style I am learning (Spirit Combat Ju Jitsu). Really top stuff. And for those that like to point out that some of these techniques are impractical, I would say that is possibly true in certain situations, but mastery of these sorts techniques will give the tore (defender) options in a real fight. A sensei of this skill would make an extremely formidable opponent in almost any real combat situation. They would not attempt a complicated maneuver – they would be looking for a quick strike, kick or take down. Learning a martial art is not the same thing as practical self defence – it is an education and you never know when a technique will come in handy!

  21. Matt Mosley

    nice …. subbed

  22. أبوجهاد الحارثي


  23. dragonballjiujitsu

    Some of this is decent stuff. Some…not so much

  24. premier69

    what? are those newbies with red belts?!

  25. JOE Malone

    good class good instructor

  26. Mart H


  27. Азамат Чинасов

    Партнер не умеет бить двоечку. Сэнсей демонстрирует в общем правильную технику, у него есть шансы зайти и под более-менее правильную.

  28. rhoknee san luis

    wooow! this is awesome

  29. Luca Vitale

    very very good!

  30. Steven Peacock


  31. Eric Laporte

    awesome! i teach shorinji kempo and i made it purely self defense… so many things here i use!! gj!

  32. Caruso-Hawk Townsend-Wolf

    This is awesome.

  33. Hansel Jethro


  34. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Nice! We do some of these techniques on Kempo too. It is surprising how, at the end, all arts share the same base principles.

  35. Dionne Capstick

    that's my maths teacher on that video

  36. Kime79

    2:35. That one two is giving itself away on a silver platter, no good striker leans in like that!

  37. Aleister Crowley

    There's some nice ideas here. Now show us some footage of live sparring against a non compliant opponent where you pull off these techniques effectively. Because unless you can execute these techniques on a trained opponent who is resisting you and trying to do you harm, all these techniques are just ideas.

  38. TimA340

    I thought your techniques were good for the most part if I may share a few thoughts Sir. I am a Hachidan (8th Dan) in Combat Jujutsu) Training for 47 yrs and teaching for 36 of those. Refrencing 5:16 this is Ushiro kaitten Mae hadaka Jime Ude jime now everything was executed perfectly except if when the intial tackle occurs and while your Right arm (Migi Ude) is wrapped in the Mae hadaka Jime position you execute the back shoulder roll which was perfect. However Shihan instead of elevating your Right leg in a Hanza position instead switch legs while trapping uke's arm under your left armpit and release the Mae hadaka jime (guillotine choke) immediately after coming out of the roll (ushiro kaitten) this now allows your Left leg (Hidari Ashi) to squeeze pressure against uke's trapped Right arm at the Elbow, requiring no force whatsoever to cause uke's arm to be locked (kansetsu Waza Ude Gatame) by the mere movement of your knee pressuring back towards uke's face. This also allows you to sit in a high Hanza posture and your Right arm free to grab Uke's throat (Katate mochi Nodo shime) To hold uke's Right arm under your armpit without use of your arm, by simply lean slightly back using your (Tori's) lat muscle to do the work. This type of technique finish allows you a free left hand to deal with a potential secondary incoming threat as well as your right hand free to hold ukes head down by utilizing only your finger (Hitosashi Yubi) under uke's left jawline hypoglossal. That adds more pressure to Uke's trapped right arm, because now there is no way for uke to relieve pressure on his trapped elbow of his Right arm (Migi Ude Hiji)
    Try this Shihan I think you'll find it to be a much superior position to utilizing your opposite leg as you were doing in the video. This is merely a respectful suggestion Shihan, not a criticism and certainly not meant as a negative reflection on your skills or training. As a Rokudan (6th Dan ) I am comfortable offering you these suggestions because at such a high rank I am confident your humble nature and self respect and discipline is at such a level that you have no issue with accepting a positive critique from a colleague of a senior rank in a similar Jujutsu style or Ryu. I wish you the best in your teaching and training Shihan and see that your students are very blessed to have a teacher of your skill and capability instructing them. All the best in Budo. Oosu

  39. fat and sassy

    like it

  40. Lucky Luc

    This is great stuff, You can see it works. Keep up the good work.

  41. l2a3sterling

    5.38 – I used this move on many schoolyard bullies growing up.

  42. Omar farrag

    it's not jojitso

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