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  1. Zoey Fernando

    You are literally perfect

  2. Zoey Fernando

    I’m quaking

  3. Sis


  4. Mikaela Howard

    Please do a cover of Billie Eilish – Wish You Were Gay xx

  5. stephany leal

    Beautiful, i love it!!

  6. A Petty

    You could sing the fuckin phone book, and I'd still cry… I love you.

  7. Alicia Flores

  8. Irene Rumbero

    You've done it again, you've again amazed me from the very first second. Chills all around my body. Simply speechless. All the love from Spain ❤️

  9. Layla Peery

    Ily Braxie 🙂 <3

  10. 알리 나fxlldmge


  11. Maddie Judith

    You’re too good for this world

  12. Madelyn Perocho

    Imiz u braxie,do some short film plsss

  13. Ryan Velleman

    can i buy this

  14. Sam Paul

    you are honestly so good and pretty. I for real had chills at 1:361:39. stay rad🤙🏼💛
    edit: and chills at 1:391:44

  15. MARY


  16. savy vannah

    beautiful beautiful babe 💞💞🦋🦋🦋

  17. Nat Zablah


  18. Maria Rivera

    I can't believe you wrote a song about how I'm feeling right now. Thank you, I needed it. I'm gonna listen yo this again and again and again

  19. Jenna_eBrown

    At first i thought this was a cover of dodie’s burned out but I’m not disappointed!

  20. ColeColor

    I really like this! I subscribed to your channel and look forward to hearing more. Do you mind checking out my music on my channel? I would really appreciate it, and I wish you all of the best! 🙂

  21. Erin Hanavan

    Yess babe!!!!!!!!! You’re so talented!! Fuck it up!!!!!😩😍

  22. hannah williamson

    amazing !!!!!!! 💛💛

  23. Brianna Rivera

    I liked it before I heard you sang, now that im getting through it, I'm in love! 😍

  24. Rebecca Swallow


  25. Rebecca Swallow

    Waw why are you so freaking good ???

  26. Shannon Doheny

    you bet your ASS i got that bell on, ok now lemme listen

    edit: holy nuts i am, yet again, shook. you're so talented i FELT the emotion and not many artists can do that

  27. Maite Bellec

    Fucking great🙆🏽💪🏽

  28. Isabelle

    Love this ❤️

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